Places to get your books

Leiden: ‘De Boekenzolder’

“But there was one City still standing against the mighty Spaniards!
Leiden would never give up. Never surrender… so the people decided it was best to simply break the dikes and let the land outside the city walls become a marsh instead.
And that, children, is how Leiden defeated the Spaniards back in the 16th century.”

That being the introduction, let me tell you some other facts about the city Leiden in The Netherlands:
– It has the eldest university in The Netherlands (permission was granted by William the Silent, or as we call him: Willem van Oranje).
– A very famous painter, Rembrandt van Rijn, was born here! (I’ve even seen the place where his house used to be… until it was demolished because the city needed more housing xD)
– The little introduction at the top of this post was the event that brought forth one of the most ‘treasured’ recipes in all The Netherlands: Hutspot (just a lot of stuff mashed together. Most of the time it includes carrots and unions).

I’ll tell you the real reason why I am telling you all this (expect for the fact that Leiden is simply awesome and you should visit it sometime).
Since the beginning of May there is a place in this breathtaking, astonishing, and above all magnificent, city called ‘De Boekenzolder’.
Now this place is something special.
People from Leiden and surroundings go there to bring their old books, books they don’t read any more and would otherwise simply throw away with the old paper. So you might understand that this causes massive piles of books in that building. Here comes the best part:
– You can come to de boekenzolder, take five books with you and this for FREE!

Yes, you read it correctly and I’ll say it again: Free Books.
It’s not a dream, it is real.

Of course, I think, the volunteers who run the place would appreciate a donation once in a while so that they can put that money in the organization to make it even more amazing than it already is.
For more information such as business hours and location you can visit the website or facebook page of de boekenzolder.

One last time: just go there!


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