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De Slegte has returned!

Risen from the ashes ‘De Slegte’ has made an unexpected return!

(Reminds me a little like that Eurovision song festival number from last year Rise like a Phoenix was it?)

After disappearing from sight almost two years ago, the stores from De Slegte became Polare. That didn’t end up so well either because in no time Polare vanished from sight as well.
And this seemed to be the end of one of the stores most beloved by a lot of people in the Netherlands.

Let’s take you back to the time when I was this young seven year old girl, living back in the day in Zoetermeer and sometimes I visited ‘De Slegte’ in Leiden with my uncle.
I still remember the way it looked like and how impressed I was. There were books everywhere, stacked high on the shelves until it seemed to me that they would reach the ceiling. The building was huge to me back then and it still was some years later. There were several floors in the building.
When you entered the store you’d be greeted by books about cookery and the newer Dutch Literature. When you ventured further into the store and follow the path to the right you’d arrive at the children and comic section. Follow the stairs down and you’d enter the second hand section of the store. When going back up the stairs, you’d be able to climb some more stairs to the first and second floor where you’d find everything about history and language.
I also remember that there was this woman with incredibly long hair that reached the floor, she was very nice.

And now De Slegte has returned to Leiden, the first store to be reopened in The Netherlands!
The store reopened last Saturday, June 6th (Breestraat 73, 2311 CJ, Leiden).
But it is still not the same as it was before. There is no real children section like there used to be, neither can you go up and down the stairs like before.
Though it is not the same I am still thrilled the store is back to where it belongs, because for me it was not the same without that blue and yellow sign on that building on Breestraat 73.

So in short: Another place to get your books in Leiden!


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