K.A. Stewart: Jesse James Dawson

K.A. Stewart: Jesse James Dawson; A Devil in the details

Author: K.A. Stewart
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: +- 307
First part of the Jesse James Dawson series

Jesse James Dawson is not your average 30-ish year old. For starters he has beautiful long blond hair in a braid, is black belt in karate, he is not slender but wiry, he’s married to a witch and he has a five year old daughter.
O yes and before I forget: He fights with demons on a regular basis.
But why can’t he just fight a pink fluffy bunny demon that can be easily dispatched?

Jesse James Dawson is a champion. That means this:
Are you in trouble because you couldn’t help yourself and made a deal with the devil? Do you want to get your soul back from the demon you sold it too? Then Jesse is you man because he is someone who can fight for you to get your soul back! You must, ofcourse, remorse your decision to have made a deal in the first place, otherwise it’s a no go.
Now don’t think that Jesse was just born as a champion. This is no fairy tale.
Long ago, Jesse’s younger brother, made a deal with a demon. There was only one way to safe his brother and that was to fight the demon to the death.
It worked out quite all right and now he is part of a loose organisation of champions who all put their own souls at stake to help those who get over their heads with demons.
However things are not going the way they used to lately. Two very experienced champions have suddenly disappeared and meanwhile Jesse takes on a new client. What is going on and why is even the longest surviving champion nervous?

There is a certain sound the human head makes when it hits the trunk of a tree. Meatier than a ‘crack’; not quite as hollow as a ‘thunk’ it’s unmistakeable.
And when it’s my head, I tend to take offence.

In my first review about Warbreaker I mentioned the importance of a good first line in a book. It’s a make it or break it.
This first line made it for me. It has humour in it and you can already connect with the narrator. It also makes you a little curious about what is going on right there.
It all starts in an active setting. Not a passive pre-story tale about what this book is about and who the narrator is. You’ll enter the book in a fight which is already amusing. Some fun facts about Jesse:
1. Demons are categorized in scuttles, snots, skins and shirts. All of this will be explained in the book.
2. His five year old daughter is called Annabelle a.k.a hurricane Anna.
3. He has his own personal demon following him around called Axel. Axel often looks like an animal and he and Jesse play chess together.

This book reminded me a little bit about The Dresden files by Jim Butcher. Though here it’s not about magic but about demons and Harry Dresden is a lonely loner while Jesse is a family man.
I particularly liked the part that Jesse is a family man. That means that his life is not controlled by demons but that he has a life. He works, he loves his family and he does karate and can fight with a katana sword. And, like every man should, he fear the wrath of his wife when he enters her dominion and kills her computer.
Jesse is just a person you can relate to. He is not this overly brave, very awesome, greatly respected guy. He just a normal human being who’s involved with demons… you see, as normal as it gets really. The author simply did a great job in the keeping-it-real department.

I simply enjoyed this book. It wasn’t a tough read, the one person point of view was no obstacle for me in this book. It just had the right thing going on that wanted to make me finish the book the same day I opened it. It was a light and funny read full of humour but a lot of reality (such as everyday jobs, tornado’s, families and the like).
To end it all I’d like to give this book three and a half stars because I very much enjoyed myself.

rating systemrating systemrating systemrating system.5


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