Jennifer Crusie: The Cinderella deal

Author: Jennifer Crusie
Genre: Romance/Chicklit
Pages: +- 278
Stand Alone novel

When a man comes to you for help, what do you do? You aid him of course! For a thousand dollars.
Or at least that was the idea when dear Lincoln Blaise came to ask Daisy Flattery to be his fiancée for a day.
Could this be the start of something real? Or will this fairy tale end after midnight?

It was so obvious. He was everything she was not and vice versa. He is serious, colourless, cold and strict while she is the definition of colour, warmth and intuitive actions.
Meet Daisy Flattery, a woman full of personality, who loves nothing more than to paint. Well maybe she loves animals more, just a tiny bit more that is.
On the other hand there is Lincoln Blaise, Linc. A cold man full of ambition, great plans for his own future and who is in serious trouble. What did he do you may ask? Well what else do you do when you go to a private school, Preston, to apply for a job as a history teacher and your inviewer asks if you are married? Yes, obviously, you say that you have a fiancée. This caused him a bit of trouble thought because, you see, Linc has no fiancée.
While Daisy is in need of cash, Linc is in need of a fiancée and so, if she can be his fiancée for a day, he will give her a thousand dollars. But will this little story end at midnight or will there be a happily ever after?

This was a light and fun read for me.
It’s just your typical romance really. Nothing is going on and actually you can already tell at the very beginning what the end will be. However Crusie put it in a way that made me want to read this book, not caring about the fact that I already knew the ending from the very start.
What I liked most about this book was that it had a message: Be yourself.
I’m not going to reveal anything more about this book because if I say anything more I could as well spell it all out for you. But I decided that I liked this book for its simplicity and the way that it draws you into the story.
So if you’re looking for something fun and easy to get through; this is a book for you.

I give this book three stars because I liked it but wasn’t awed or anything. It was just very amusing ^_^
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