Darynda Jones: Charley Davidson

Darynda Jones: Charley Davidson; First grave on the Right

Author: Darynda Jones
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: +- 310
First book of the Charley Davidson series

Charley Davidson is a Personal Investigator and a Grim Reaper, that means that she sees dead people on a regular basis. Her job is to help them cross to the other side. But when some of those dead people have unfinished business, Charley needs to bring justice.
Dead people however are not the only thing on her mind, since she’s having some very intense dreams about a certain someone. But what does he want from her and why does she have the feeling that this is part of something bigger?

But as I stepped towards the bathroom, I realised the worst part of my morning -the let there be light part- was past approaching. I groaned and considered dillydallying despite the state of Uncle Bob’s arteries.
Just suck it up, I told myself. It had to be done.
I placed a shaky hand on the wall, held my breath and flipped the switch.
“I’m blind!” I yelled, shielding my eyes with my arms. I tried to focus on the floor, the sink, the Clorox toilet wall. Nothing but a bright white blur.
I totally needed to lower my wattage.
I stumbled back, caught myself, then forced one foot in front of the other, refusing to back down. I would not be stopped by a light bulb. I had a job to do, dammit.

Meet Charley Davidson, a twenty-something year old, currently resident in New Mexico, with an attitude, a mission in life and a coffee addiction. Because who can life without at least three cups of coffee before 12 PM?
She’s now a Private Investigator, a consultant, on the payroll of the APD and she’s a full time Grim Reaper.
It’s the start of another week for Charley. After being kicked about the night before, she gets a call from her uncle who calls her in, because there has been a murder. Surprisingly, that’s not the only murder. On the same night three lawyers get shot, be someone unknown to them. How does Charley know that? Because they came to her of course, since she is the one who can help them cross to the other side. And so another investigation begins, because who wanted them dead and has the murder of the three lawyers anything to do with an innocent man in jail?But Charley has other issues to deal with as well. Not only the dead appear to her now but also someone else, a man who invades her dreams and he might not be as dead as she originally thinks. What does he want from her? And when she finds out what is behind those dreams, what will she do next?
Luckily for her, Charley doesn’t have to do all this by herself. She has her father, her uncle and her best friend Cookie by her side to help her through all of this and more. And don’t forget Mr. Wong, a great asset…yeah…

Two weeks ago or something I ordered this book online. But because I live in Les Pays-Bas it took about two weeks for the book to arrive at my place. Of course I started to read the book the minute I received because, be honest, who cares about Outlander when you’ve got a Grim Reaper to follow!
I just liked this book a lot.
It was an easy read, full of humour and sarcasm and lovely quotes at the start of each chapter:

Never knock on death’s door. Ring the doorbell then run. He totally hates that.

You’ve ever had the feeling that you’ve read enough serious books for the time being and you just want the fun a light and entertaining book for a while. In that case I recommend this book for you.
I had a good laugh reading this novel and I’m certainly going to read the rest of the series the moment I get my hands on them. I could try to tell you more about it, but the simple truth is that I just liked it. It’s a paranormal chicklit ^_^ And there is nothing wrong with a chicklit once  in a while! (You know I’m right).

So are you looking for a light and entertaining read in the nearby future? Search no further and just buy this book to avoid the what-do-I-read-next-issue. So I give this book for stars because I think it was really hilarious and even though it’s nothing special; I liked it.

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