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Top 5: Series

Hi there! Welcome to my first Top 5 line-up.
Today I will delight you with my Top 5 of series I’ve read (or might still be reading/rereading) in my whole twenty years of existence.

Now, since this is something new for me I’ll tell you how this will work for this time and the next (and the next, and the one after that… You get the picture):
1. I’ll start with number five. That way I can create the tension, that will build up until you’ll nearly scream with frustration, because you want to know my number one!
2. Some of these series will (at least in this Top 5) lack reviews because I’ve read them long before I started writing book reviews (when I was still small and kind of adorable or because I read them last year… yeah…). You’ll just have to live with that until the review shows up ^_^ Because yes I will reread and write a review about the series I put in this Top 5.
3. In this Top 5, and every other Top 5 in the future, I’ll give you the author, genre, a quick summary and some thoughts of mine about these series.

So are you ready for this?
Here The First Ever (for me) Top 5 Series I’ve read or am currently reading/rereading!

5. Temerair by Naomi Novik

This is a series I’ve started reading last year when I coincidentally walked into a book store (yeah… really by chance.. uhuh) and saw book number one.
Why did I buy this book? Well first of all because I’m a sucker for almost everything that involves or might involve dragons. I can’t help it, I’m just build that way! Second of all I like the colour red and as you can see the first book has a red cover… well done salespeople, well done indeed. Then last but not least reason number three why I bought this book: I love a bit of creative history. Why? Well of course I know what happened during Napoleon’s reign in France! But wouldn’t it have been so much more awesome if dragons had been involved in everything? Don’t you dare tell me you disagree!

Anyhow I bought this first book and I was hooked to the series. At this point I’m a bit stuck after having read book four because I still need to buy book five xD It happens to the best of us.
Now this book is only number five of my Top 5 because I’ve read series/ am currently reading/rereading series I like even more. It’s simple as that. It’s not that I dislike it, I simply fell in love with some other series. It’s not you Temerair, Naomi, it’s me.

This series in short: The time of Napoleon’s reign in France but instead of the usual there are dragons involved, which is awesome. Every country in this book has an aerial force existing of dragons and their crews. While Napoleon’s power is ever growing, England stays strong, with some unexpected help.

4.The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica by James A. Owen

I’ve only discovered this series last year when I got book one of this series from a friend of mine. My first thought: WHY WASN’T  THERE A SERIES SUCH AS THIS ONE WHEN I WAS YOUNG AND IN NEED OF AN AWESOME READ!
Truth be told, I loved it, I did. I honestly believe this is a series for everyone from about 10 to a 100 years old. It’s a series full of wonder and it combines everything a person like me can dream about! Famous authors from days past, to thrilling adventures, twisted fairy tales and  myths. It all comes together in this series.
And again: yes, I’m a sucker for dragons. Live with it!

This series in short: Three scholars suddenly get involved in a mystery when they’re chosen to be the new guardians of the Imaginarium Geographica,  a book that contains maps from all times. But not just from the earth known to men. The three men must go to Archipelago of dreams in order to stop the world as we know it from ending. Because if the Archipelago falls, our world will never be the same again.

3. The Elenium by David Eddings

My father actually introduced me to the series written by David Eddings. I did not buy this series because it was a gift from my father, and I will tell you this: he got a lot more coffee that day than was good for him.
I completely fell for this series. I simply couldn’t put this series down and I believe I read all three books in one go (something I don’t usually do). We were a match made in heaven. When I opened the first book I promise you that I could see a golden light appear from the pages (okay that might have been the light shining onto the pages but you get the idea).
This series contains everything a fantasy series needs: magic, badass men riding horses, a quest to save a fair lady, lots of fighting, great sense of humour and (last but not least) romance. (Just before you ask: yes, I’m a sucker for romance and cliché fantasy as well).

This series in short: A quest to restore the Queen to her rightful place sets Pandion knight Sparhawk to all the corners of the world to find a way to make it so. Our hero is not alone because his brave steed Faran will be there to bite everyone out of his way who is not Sparhawk. O, did I already mention that there was a lot of fighting?

2. The Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell

I’m really into the whole history/myth and how it might have been thing. This book was another recommendation by my father. I remember reading it when I was like eleven years old or something like that. So some weeks ago I looked back and dreamed a dream of time gone by and so I decided to reread this series.
I’ve already reread book one and two and I can proudly say that now that I’m a bit older I understand more of it. When I read the first book, back in the day when still small and adorable, I remember that I was really taken by it and sometimes I knew that I missed something but I couldn’t quite understand why. Well, this time round I understood everything much better and it was a nice extra for me to now actually now the myth about King Arthur.

I put this series second to number one because for me there’s childhood memories involved as well. Of course this is a great series to read! No doubt about that I mean, Cornwell is awesome and he deserves a golden crown at the very least (No! Not the Game of Thrones way!). Also I think this is a great piece of work because he put a lot of effort in bringing life to a time long passed. Not only is there not much known about that time, there’s still doubt about Arthur’s existence in the first place.
For me this particular series is on place number two because for me it was like I was there. It was just such a well written series. While reading I could just see everything right in front of me and I felt like I understood this whole Arthur thing a little more. Of course it’s fiction but this could have happened, in a way.
This series in short: A story about the King that never was and an Enemy of God, King Arthur. If you want to read a review of this book, please click the link (see top 5 nr 2) or just look it up under series 🙂

Are you ready?
Because here comes number one of my first ever Top 5:

1. The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell

This is my all time favourite. You’ve probably already figured out that I am a fan of Bernard Cornwell’s works because two of his series are at the top of my Top 5.
This series is one I found all by myself (yeey me).
I bought the first book after I read another series about Vikings. There was a time, okay that time still is but hey who cares, when I wanted to know as much about Vikings as possible and after I read a couple of non-fiction books about those men and woman, I wanted to know how they were portrayed in historical-fiction series/novels.
And so I opened Goodreads, typed in Vikings and so I finally found this book. Since I already knew how awesome Bernard Cornwell’s writings were I didn’t hesitate and bought the book immediately. It was love at first sight. This is probably the best historical-fiction series I’ve read until now and hopefully for a very long time to come. This series is just great. It had that tension, the sensation, the wonder, the magic, the fighting, the romance and just the feel of rightness about it that made me want to read on for all times. And I definitely tried! Until I was out of money, but that a matter for another time.

The Saxon Stories is a well written series. The characters are great, they’re round (not one-dimensional but they were alive. Full of emotion, a background, a development through time). Obviously Cornwell did a lot of research before he wrote this series. Again he wrote a series about a time we know not that much about. In this series he gives life to that time again and he doesn’t portray Vikings as sullen idiots who plundered everything and killed everyone without reason, but as people who had a motive to search for land beyond their own lands.
All that I’m trying to say is: Do you love historical fiction as much as I do? Read this series! For it’s probably one of the best you’ll ever read.

This series in short: You’ll follow Uthred, how he grows from boy to man. How he fights with and against the Danes who want to claim England, how he falls in love, how he suffers and how he lived his life in a time of turmoil and uncertainty. For he is neither Dane or English, he’s both and he’s neither, he is Uthred of Babbenburgh and he will reclaim what is his.


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