Alexandra Potter: Be careful what you wish for

Author: Alexandra Potter
Genre: Romance
Pages: +- 350
Stand alone novel

Heather Hamilton lives in London and she is a wedding photographer for Together Forever.
She hates standing in queues, always has the last sandwich and always has to look for a parking spot near her flat. O yes, and then there is rain…
Because of all that and more, Heather makes a lot of small, everyday wishes. Such as finding the perfect man and being the new lead in a Brad Pitt film.
But be careful what you wish for, because what a girl wants is not always what a girl needs.

“It’s near the middle of July and the UK’s in the grip of a heatwave. For most of the sunshine-starved population this means a blissful merry-go-round of sunshine and ice-creams, picnics in the park and deck-chair in the back garden. For us Londoners it’s hell. The city is sweating like an athlete. Stuffy offices, stinking traffic fumes and tube trains without air-conditioning make life miserable. Tempers are fraying. Noses are peeling.”

Heather is your everyday British freckled and with scarlet wavy hair red head. She loves making wishes, but nothing big such as world peace or anything. She would love to live close to the sea, eat more healthy food and weigh under nine stone. Also, being a wedding photographer, it appears that not everyone looks lovely at their wedding, who would have thought.
But with the business going bad it seems like her boss, Brain, would have to let her go.
While the weather changes, from a dazzling heat and its accompanying blisters to a healthy rain that falls out of the sky, Heather meets a gypsy woman who gives her lucky heather, claiming that it will change her luck. And it does.
Because for some reason Heather’s wishes start to come true one at the time. Not only the ones she makes at present but also the ones she has made in the past. Nothing but luck seems to come her way. So she’s out of razors but then there’s a package full of them which she got through the mail. Suddenly there’s a parking space in front of her flat, great! There’s even a place for her to sit down in the tube and there’s no queue at Starbucks! Could life get any better?
But then again, do those wishes really make her happy? And is what she wished at first, what makes her happy in the end?

I think Potter did very well here.
This was just a very fun, playful, amusing and nice romantic novel. Great for a day on the couch with hot chocolate or something else, but you’ll definitely need some chocolate.
From Heather’s point of view you’ll take a tour through her life and through London. There are these everyday situations which are simply hilarious while there are also some things that could make you cry. Everything she goes through is something a woman can identify with, even some of the wishes.
Some might say that it was a bit slow or difficult to get into but I disagree on that.
In this case I didn’t mind the slowness because it gave me time to enjoy the situation that occurred in the book, some awkward and some not as much but still very funny. Really, I was laughing out loud in the middle of the night… my parents were not that pleased but who cares! I just had a good time.
There was also something of character building, especially for Heather of course since she’s the main character. Because of everything she goes through with the wishes, she finally realizes what is important to her and that what she thought she wanted, wasn’t really at all what she wanted in the end. Because you can have the perfect man you thought you wanted, only to find out that he isn’t at all that perfect for you. Trust me, you don’t want a man who folds up clothes just before going to bed with you… that’s just awkward.
I really liked the ‘message’ I got from this book, because it’s true. You have to be careful what you wish for because wishes are special and sometimes, when what you wish for comes true, you might not be happy at all.

In the end I really enjoyed myself and of course there were some standard cliché thingies going on, but that was just so fun! I am also a sucker for happy endings so no; I don’t mind the clichés or the slowness of this novel. It liked the sense of humor and the way Potter described Heather’s life. I’ll give this book four stars because I simply liked it. That’s it, nothing more to tell.

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