A new school year

Good afternoon and welcome to the first post of my new school year!

So today I’m posting this from my living room, looking out of the window while the wind blows and the rain comes crashing down from the skies above. (Oh yes, can’t forget to mention that I’m listening to a German Folkband and drinking coffee)
Last week I finally started University! ^_^ Yes, yes I am very proud of myself.
(and I would like to thank my parents for supporting me and my boyfriend for having faith in me. My cat for not killing me and my dog because he’s just great. Next there’s my rabbit, Hummel, who I want to thank for not murdering my laptop and for not biting a hole in my shoe.. etc etc big showcase thanks, really I should be nominated!)
So now I’m a student English Language and Culture at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands and I love it! Yes there are things like phonetics or language acquisition, of both I’m not quite sure how I feel… I’ll get back on that later, but fortunately for me there is Old/Middle English and literature to cheer me up!
Let me share with you a shocking secret (tension rises)…(more tension) I even like me homework….

Yes, I’ve said it.

I like my homework (I did it again!

And because of my new found love for studying, now finally the reason for this smallish post, I am happy to announce that there’s a Uni-category!
This category will contain everything I want to share with you about English Language and Culture, including some literature, history and maybe even a bit about the Old/Middle English language.

(for those of you who have no clue to why I posted a picture of a jumping blue cat… watch fairy tail!)

So I hope that you’ll enjoy my posts in this category as much as I will!



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