Steven Erikson: The Malazan book of the Fallen

Steven Erikson: The Malazan book of the Fallen; Deadhouse Gates

Author: Steven Erikson
Genre: Fantasy/SF
Pages: +-937
Part two of The Malazan book of the Fallen

War breaks the Empire. In the Holy Desert Raraku a long prophesied uprising is prepared, leading to a desperate battle between the followers of the Whirlwind and an untested Fist. Meanwhile two ancient warrior, both bearers of dark secrets, join this complicated history.
Two comrades are still continuing their plan though both are destined to walk a different path.

“Ah, Fist, it’s the curse of history that those who should read them, never do.”

Again an amazing book written by a genius.

Like in the first part of this series this book is divided into parts and those parts again into different chapters.
Throughout this book you’ll follow five different story lines. Some characters are already familiar but there are some new entries in this second book. Those new characters are quite interesting, each one adding a new dimension to this story and this makes for a rather interesting story.

I am somewhat reluctant to go into much detail about this book because I tend too give to much information and I really think that you have to read the book yourself to really get the awesomeness.
Here’s what I think: IT WAS GREAT.
Okay mostly great.In every book there are some slightly less interesting parts but most of the time the book was spot on and kept a good enough pace. Most of the time however it was an amazing book to read and though it took me a while to finish it, I enjoyed every minute.
Because of the new characters, both human and other, there were new dimensions added to the story. I’ll take two examples:

  1. Mappo and Icarium, both warriors, have been wandering these lands for thousands of years. Because of these two characters, and some others, the reader will get a look at the history of the empires that existed before the Malazan Empire. These two will open a door to more information about the ancient warrens that have been around for thousands upon thousands of years.
  2. Duiker, the Imperial historian. He travels with the army assaulted by the forces of the uprising and he will be the reader’s eyes and ears for this part of the story. Through him you will obtain, in great detail, the life among such an army and some knowledge about the Malazan Empire.

Of course there is far more to know but, like I already said before, I will not get into a lot of detail on the contents.

This book was exactly what I expected of Erikson and it made me happy in so many ways.
His way of telling this story is just captivating. He can make you fall in love with a character, make you hate another one with the intensity of a thousand suns and simply let you care about them like you have known them yourselves. Personally I had no real problem with the fact that most of the characters of the first book did not make a reappearance, I guess they will just return in the next part. These knew characters really made for an interesting read.
It is all so well written and it is all worked out perfectly from the first to the last page.
I had no problem at all with the changing of the storyline. Yes, sometimes it can be a little frustrating after really wanting to know what will happen next and then suddenly you’re reading about some old man looking for a broom of some kind… but shit happens right? But still every storyline was interesting in its own way and it kept me hooked until the very end.
The last thing I want to mention is about the detail. Some of you might already know about my love for detail and this book has not let me down one bit. In some cases it was like I was there myself, seeing what the character was seeing at that point. Of course some things were somewhat hard to picture but here’s an example of what I think is lovely imagery:

“And over it all, the butterflies swarmed, like a million yellow-pettalled flowers dancing on swirling winds.”

This book will receive five stars because it makes me feel really happy and I loved it… BAM

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