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It is time to create some kind of an overview for myself and for the people who are curious about what I am going to read in the near future. So a post will magically appear once a month and will contain my to read list for the following month.
(This time I’ll make one tiny exception for myself because I’m currently reading a book which I’ll probably finish in the first week of March).

So I’m currently reading:
A dangerous journey home by Hugh Thomson

Next up (specifically in this order for actually no reason at all :’)):
The Flood by Steven Scaffardi
Romancing the Null by Tina Gower
The Drought by Steven Scaffardi
– Vampire Outlaw by Dan Davis
Iron inheritance by G.R Fillinger

Because March is going to be quite busy for me (I’ll be going to Prague for a couple of days ^_^ and then there is university stuff) I’ve decided to keep my reading to a ‘minimum’ but if there’s any change of plan I’ll add the book to this list.

Have a nice day folks!
(Old English homework is calling to meeeeee).


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