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I want you to share in an adventure: Prague


Last week I went on an adventure to visit a friend of mine in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic: Prague.

I spend four days in this intriguing, gorgeous and buzzing city. In this post I will share my experiences in these four days and some pictures with you guys (mind that they were taken with my phone so the quality is not that great).

In a way this is something of a ‘dear diary’ kind of post I guess. This is just something I want to share because this trip really made such a great impression on me and I am just so glad to have had the opportunity to visit this great city. This post is going to look something like this:

  • There will be a part for each day I spend in Prague.
  • Each paragraph will contain at least one picture that I took of something I thought was beautiful or just awesome (mostly buildings to be honest :’))
  • It will end with a shout-out to the people I’ve spend my time with these four days!

So here’s how it all came to pass

A friend of mine decided that it would be a great idea to study in Prague for a year *applause*. After a few months I was contacted by a mutual friend who had the crazy idea to go to Prague and visit her together with three others. So they booked a bus ticket and I booked a flight from Schiphol Airport to Prague (I wasn’t too keen on the idea of spending close to 16 hours on a bus).

This is how my adventure started.

Day 1

My adventure started at the 17th of March around 5.30 in the morning. I was too nervous to sleep any longer and I had to be at the airport two hours before boarding. So I checked in around 7.30 am because I am a wuss and had no idea how I could check-in online. Just so we’re clear: this was my first flight in ages and this was the first time I would travel all by my lonesome.
I’m so glad that I checked-in in real life because the woman behind the desk was really nice and gave me a window seat ^_^ believe me when I say that the view was stunning! (See picture above)

I landed at the airport in Prague at 10.55 and a couple of minutes later I was plucked from a bench in the waiting area by my friend and that is when all the fun started. At first it is crucial for me to tell you that public transport in Prague is outrageously cheap for Dutch standards. I could travel wherever and whenever I wanted in Prague for three days and it only cost me approximately 13 euros! How crazy is that?! I mean it costs me 12.60 in the Netherlands to go to the airport and back which only takes about 30 minutes… in short: it was a good start of a great first day.
So we hopped on the bus, had a talk and instead of going to the centre right away (I only had my backpack full of stuff with me so it could have been a possibility) we stopped at some bus station and took a walk. Now, it seems like what we Dutchies deem to be a forest was in fact no forest but just a small park… It was one hell of a beautiful park though! After that we went back  to her apartment and we used the metro to get there. (Why do I mention the metro so explicitly you might wonder? Well it’s just that I like the metro… it’s sad I know but ever since I used the underground in London and the regular metro in the Netherlands I just can’t help but like it… it’s just me being strange, you’d do well to ignore this part of my adventure).

That first day I discovered something beautiful (it was no person or building I can tell you that). It appears that lunch in Prague is not just bread with something on it… but they have warm meals there. Yes, sounds weird but it’s awesome for two reasons:

  1. I’m always hungry so this is a bonus for my stomach
  2. The prices are to die for! It’s quite cheap compared to prices in the Netherlands. I can eat more and pay less!

So you might imagine my happiness at that point and it was only 12.30 by then!
After lunch we still had some time left until the other girls would show up and so we went to the centre to walk around a bit. Here are some of the pictures I took:

Prague2 Prague 3

The picture on the left is of a church (as if you can’t see that yourself…) and the picture on the right is from a building opposite this church. This is something I specifically liked to see while walking through this magnificent city. The fact that the newer buildings are right next to the old ones and in a way it just works, it feels right. Of course there are some buildings I’d personally smash to the ground in an instant but for some reason most of it makes sense and gives some sort of vibe.

That evening it turned out that the other girls would arrive at eight o’clock or something (maybe even later) and as if by magic we arrived at a small Italian restaurant… or so it seemed. Apparently Prague has many buildings that continue underground and a lot of small restaurants, pubs, clubs, etc are housed there. This particular restaurant was mostly underground, in the old cellar, and it was lovely. The food was great and in the end we had three glasses of wine for 2 euros and a pizza for 6 (and believe me when I say that this was quite a large pizza).
But the evening didn’t stop there! We walked around the city some more and at night it is enchanting, mysterious and full of wonder, at least in the eyes of a stranger (a.k.a. me). We went to the pub, had a great night there and returned home around 12.

My first day had been a blast and in no time the city and the people made it seem like I had been there for months instead of hours. It was a strange feeling of coming home for me.

Day 2

After a good night’s sleep we rose early because we had promised to meet the other girls at one of the metro stations so that we could spend the day exploring Prague. Things started out a little rusty because the place we were supposed to get together was not as easy to find as first imagined. After years and years…. no kidding it was just a few minutes, we found the others and the six of us set out to see more of Prague.
There was a lot to see and it was quite busy because there was some sort of Easter-thing going on with a lot of booths that sold stuff or food (food… *lingering gaze*). But most of all we just walked through the city and the weather was amazing. When we walked across the Karls Bridge the sun was so warm I could even walk without my coat! Here are some more pictures to fill you with joy and longing for the sun:

Prague6 Prague7

I also photographed one building that was nicely decorated at the front. There were carvings of different social classes and some sort of mosaic or paintings just underneath the roof. It was quite beautiful and I hope the picture will show some of it.









Here’s another picture of one of the carvings. As you can see the woman is carrying some sort of scythe.
The blade looks like it’s gold and that is because the city is reconstructing/cleaning/restoring the old elements throughout the city and so while walking through this gorgeous place there might be a shimmer in the corner of your eye where cleaned metal sparkles in the sunlight.


Prague8We also visited the castle complex of Prague, bought a ticket and roamed through the old Cathedral, the Castle itself and the Golden Lane (were even these things are more awesome then they are in the Netherlands…just saying). We also drank coffee and ate cake for
about 3.5 euros in the cutest café!

I choose not to put any pictures online from the castle complex because I want it to be one hell of a sight when you see it for yourself… okay fine here’s a sneak-peak –>

After all this we still had a couple of hours of daylight left and we walked about some more. Something I have to mention is this:
We went to a restaurant and after we had ordered our drinks we discovered that we had to pay to use a knife, fork etc. If that wasn’t enough we found out that we also had to pay for a man who was playing the accordion… this wouldn’t have been that bad IF the man was a good accordion player… unfortunately for us he was not that good and so we nearly ended up with a headache xD Tip: read the menu outside before entering the building.
Later that evening we split up. Two other girls and I went to the pub, again I know but was so much fun!, while the others went to a burlesque act.

Day 3

This day was somewhat… boring in comparison with the previous two days but it was just one of those lazy days. Some of the girls wanted to go shopping so my friend took me to a special tea house where we sat for a while. The tea was really good by the way and they had pita stuffed with basil and goat cheese which tasted really good!

Even I’m a little ashamed to admit that this third day the most important thing I did was eating…
But the food was awesome and we spend at least four hours laughing, eating, drinking and talking. I had a good time with the girls, I really did.

Day 4

This is the day where I had to leave this magnificent city behind and return to my cold flat homeland… It hurt…
But then again I went to a cat café so that made it all okay (kind off…)!

We also walked around some more because we had time to kill before we could take the bus to the airport and so here is a picture of one of the most fairytale looking things I’ve seen:


The End

This is the end of my adventure. Or at least this adventure.
Girls, thanks so much for the good time, I had a blast (and thanks for letting me crash on your couch-bed, travel buddy).
I also really want to thank everyone I’ve met in Prague for the most awesome time ever! It was nothing at all like what I had expected when I first got there. You people are awesome and next time I visit Prague I hope to be able to speak some Czech  🙂
There is just so much more to see there and I am planning on returning to Prague one day (hopefully somewhere next year) so that I can visit even more places. To be honest I feel like I’ve only seen so little in my time there. There were just too many things to see in not enough time. I mean there is the national theatre I’d love to see, a park in the middle of the centre I still have to roam through, the zoo and so much more! I’m just not done yet!

So here’s where I say:

I’ll be back!
(read this with the voice of Arnold)




5 thoughts on “I want you to share in an adventure: Prague

  1. Hahaha, magnificent! 😀 But wtf, you have to pay for using cutlery?! AND listening to crappy music??? How can they expect you to eat with your hands AND plug your ears with your fingers at the same time? Sheesh.

    The architecture looks amazing, though 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I know right it was super weird but it was only two euros so I didn’t care that much. Though it was strange that we had no say in the music matter, it was horrible…so damn loud xd The city itself is indeed amazing ^^

      Liked by 1 person

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