My Happy Moments

My Happy Moments #1

My Happy Moments.png

We all have those rare moments where we think; Life is not that bad.
Usually those moments tend to occur when you least expect it, resulting in a moment where you celebrate your victory of having had a happy moment in life.
(Please tell me that I’m not the only one who feels somewhat, but not really, awkward when celebrating this triumph in public).

Happy moments can be found in the small things in life.
Today I had one of these moments and I thought: why not enlighten the dear people of earth with some more genuine happy moments in life?

Hereby I gladly welcome you to: My Happy Moments, where (obviously) I will share with you my happy moments in my sort of, but not really, exciting life that I live when I’m not reading or blogging about reading.
(Though I must admit that some of My Happy Moments are probably connected to bookish things :’)).

Today’s Happy Moment:

A few months ago I heard that there was a possibility to follow an extra programme with my studies. I would be able to fill it in with whatever I liked. The courses I intended to follow had to fit well together, to form a whole, and my motivation had to persuade the people from the committee… O yes, I also had to pass my first year without failing a course.

At first I was a little sceptical and I had already accepted the fact that I’d probably not make it through the first round (sounds almost like professional boxing, doesn’t it?). So I carefully chose the courses I wished to follow the next two years, wrote my motivation and then crossed my fingers, hoping for the best.

Today I received an email from the committee and it said that they approved!
This means that starting next year I will follow four of the most awesome courses in creation (happy dance): Old Norse, Old Frisian, Gothic and an introduction to Germanic languages.

Dear people, this was the first of My Happy Moments that I choose to share with you.
Thank you for reading this and I hope that your life will give you your own happy moments 🙂


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