Dylan Doose: Sword and Sorcery

Dylan Doose: Sword and Sorcery; Fire & Sword


26015921Author: Dylan Doose
Genre: Fantasy
Pages kindle 307
Published by Spawning Pool Studios on 1st of September 2015

Three men, who are all condemned to death, will form and unlikely bond forged through chaos. Aldous Weaver is a young monk who, quite accidentally, incinerated the father of the order and is now a wizard. Kendrick the Cold, an infamous crusader in the east but now a fugitive, is a man with a dark past who knows he is no hero. Last but not least there is Theron Ward, an aristocrat and beast hunter.
These three men will become companions and will try, not always with the best of luck or without struggle, to save Brynth from destruction from dark and magical forces within.

I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

“The candle flickered, fighting the darkness and the damp of the stone basement where Aldous Weaver hunched over a scarred desk, quill in hand.”

This book is set in a medieval like realm which has some similarities to this world and its people. Yes, this book is fantasy and most fantasy realms are set in such a world, but I still like the idea that there might be a Viking-like people in this realm, would be nice. But going back to the point I was trying to make; there was a nice description of the country and throughout the book there were hints as to how the society functioned etc. I liked that a lot because I’ve always been a fan of a worked out world, not just the usual; they are in a place that looks like this and oh look there is a tree and some rocks, the end. This book had a nice detailed description, not just of the land but also of the scenes and the characters (I will come back to that later).

The block quote at the start of this review shows the first line of the first chapter. For some reason I felt as if Aldous was already an old man, that he was going to write about the things that had happened to him and his friends back in the good old days. This book was not that.
It wasn’t what I had expected when I read the description on Netgalley. I thought that the book was probably going to be an okay read and that there would be a lot of action involved. I was not at all prepared for the gruesome scenes and the harshness. With harshness I don’t mean a steady stream of cursing (there was some fuck and the like throughout the book but I couldn’t care any less about that to be honest). The harshness for me was in the language that was used to describe certain scenes. For example when some human/ratmonstercreature appeared it is not referred to as simply the creature, but there is a lovely description of how it has boils and pus is streaming out and the like. No, the writer was not dealing with horrific events in a way to preserve delicate souls.
But, even though there were a lot of the less pleasant scenes for the imagination, some scenes were also quite beautiful and enchanting. I think the descriptions and detail were fitting and also carried out throughout the whole book, the style didn’t change half way or something like that.

“I suggest you unchain me,” Theron said to the torturer. “For I am Theron Ward, the slayers of monsters, and those are monsters knocking at your door.”

The main characters were well worked out. They each had their own personality, were well described and didn’t change abruptly from one personality to another. All characters have their history and so they all have a reason for their behaviour when they appear in the story. What is perhaps the best thing about these characters is that they grow throughout the book. This makes it a little more realistic, even though it is a fantasy novel, because it can’t be that these three men go through so much and still stay the same.
Something about the minor characters is that there is not only witchcraft and medieval(ish) sword fighting/battle and such, but there are also vampires, ghouls and perhaps in the second book even other supernatural creatures (at least that is what I think :’) and hope…)

There was nothing that I really disliked. There was suspense, action, drama, funny scenes, rather gruesome horrible scenes, character development, and maybe even future nightmares of scary human/rat like creatures. All in all I think that this was great, I could have read it in one way if I had had the time. I give this book 4.5 stars because I really liked it.


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