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Good morning people!

It’s already nearly the end of April! How time flies… So since May is nearly upon us; here is my to-read-list for May. I must warn you that there will be less reading than usual. The reason is very straightforward: Schoolstuff. I’ve end-terms coming up so I have to study my ass off in order to pass every course of this year! (I have to, otherwise I can’t follow awesome courses such as Old Frisian and Gothic next year).

So, there will be less reading but be prepared for some posts about other stuff, specifically philology and perhaps even literature if I feel like it. But here comes my fairly short to-read-list (I hope that I’m able to read two extra books but this is simply the most safe):

Allerleirauh by Chantal Gadoury


Earthbound Bones by ReGina Welling

What will you be reading in May?


4 thoughts on “To Read May

  1. There are so many bloggers who are also in school! I don’t know how you all do it. 😡

    I will be reading a ton in May. At least I hope so. I only read 5 books in April…I was one of my slowest months ever, and I feel so bad and unproductive.

    I have a couple of ARCs I have to read and some new releases that I will have to get around to.
    Good luck on your exams!

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    1. Thanks! I hope it’ll work out the way I want it to :’) good luck with your reading next month! And five books is still about one a week so don’t feel bad about yourself!


      1. Hmm I don’t particularly think that it’s impossible, but personally I’d rather have a read a book that will stay with me than forget it after writing a review. It’s more important to remember than to have a lot of reading done (and then there’s the things we mortals must do.. like sleep and eat haha)

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