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We’re nearing the end of June and I have a confession to make.

Last month, I told you that I would be reading at least 4 books in June… I was wrong. Unfortunately, I got into a reading slump and I’ve only read one book this month (though I started a new book! I’ve already started on chapter 5… last week…). So next month I’ll be reading:


I hope that I’ll do a bit better this month and that I’ll be able to read more than 4 books!

What will you be reading in July?



8 thoughts on “To Read July

    1. … Are you? AH right, you’re my review partner 😛 I guess I can start next week but I still need to finish the book I’m currently trying to read :’) Depends on how much time I’ve left to read at work tonight xD

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      1. My NetGalley ratio is suffering, haha! I was behind on two reviews, then I got the opportunity to get two new books and bam, now I’ve got a bunch of books I need to read. NetGalley is a dangerous place!

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