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Top 5 Wednesday: Settings I Would Like To See More Of


This is my first ever top 5 Wednesday!

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme created by Lainey from  gingerreadslainey, and is hosted by Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes. I was sort of oblivious to this weekly top 5, I believe… I don’t know why or how, I just was :’) Anyway, if you want to know more about this weekly book meme, you can click on this link, you’ll end up on the Goodreads group.
So, here is my top 5 of settings that I’d like to see more of:

  1. Scandinavia, during the time that the Vikings crossed the oceans to the British Isles, Ireland, and even the middle east. (Because let’s face it: the Vikings were awesome)
  2. The Netherlands (until 1900 or so), but written by English Authors. Some time ago I read The Warlock and the Wolf by Delfy Hall (click the link to see my review). I really liked it because it makes me see my country’s history in a different sort of light.
  3. Prehistoric. People time travel to the prehistoric period, a bit like Terra Nova. (I still can’t get over the fact that that series was cancelled…)
  4. Rome around the time that the Christian faith started to take over.
  5. 10th century North-America when the Vikings discovered the place, then especially their settlement and relationship with the natives. (Again: yeey Vikings)

That’s my top 5! It was hard to come up with a good top 5 five, but here it is. It was great to do my first post for the top 5 Wednesday book meme, and I’m so looking forward to the next one ^_^


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Settings I Would Like To See More Of

  1. My husband would be all for books with Vikings. That’s one of his favorite shows haha. Prehistoric would be awesome! Dinosaurs + time travel? Yes please.

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  2. You’re on a roll sister! 🙂 And those are some great settings idd *nods*. OMG, I was furious when they cancelled Terra Nova. One season ffs! 😥

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