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July has almost ended *sad face* and August is already nearly upon us. There are a few questions that I must answer, like: Have I been very productive lately? (The answer is: not really), have I actually read what I promised to read? (again… not really, but this time I got halfway!) and; even though I’ve been procrastinating, am I still glad with the things that I did in July? F*** YES!

Even though I didn’t do a lot of blogging, I’ve been busy finding books, visiting England and doing a lot of other things! (expect posts about England in the near future). It’s not that my to read list is so awful, it’s just that I’ve got so many other things to do that I have set blogging a bit lower on my priority-list.

I hope that August will be a bit more productive, so here’s my to read list:

(I actually already reading this one so this is a July/August book)
The Lord of Ireland by E.M. Powell

Other books I am planing to read in August are:

Fierce Winds Rising by R.F. Dinoso
The song of Orpheus by Tracy Barrett
Standard Deviation of Death by Tina Gower

I hope to be able to read more, but you never know. Good luck for those who are also struggling with their to read list! If not: Have fun!


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