Tina Gower: The Outlier Prophecies

Tina Gower: The Outlier Prophecies; Standard Deviation of Death


Author: Tina Gower
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Paperback 256 pages and is published July 2016 by Smashed Picket Press

Goodreads synopsis
As a fateless, Kate Hale shouldn’t receive any predictions. Let alone of her own death. The death notice may be fake, and a set up from the group determined to alter fate to their design, but the threat is real. Wyrd wants her eliminated.
Her romantic relationship with Accidental Death liaison, Ian Becker, presents a new challenge: how to calm a werewolf obsessed with keeping her safe.
When Michelle Kitman—math genius hero and the inspiration for Kate’s entire career—offers to work a case with her, Kate convinces Ian that it will benefit the investigation into her own death. But can he keep her safe if Michelle’s case thrusts Kate directly in Wyrd’s path?

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

“If I’m dead, this is purgatory. Worse than purgatory. I stand in line in the pit of government hell: the Angel’s Peak Department of Predictions Victim’s Center. An older gentleman covered in sores and smelling of urine is in front of me, and a woman dressed in an outfit entirely made of duct tape is behind me.” – first lines chapter 1.

This is the fourth book in this series and to be honest, it is the best one in the series so far.

As far as world building and character building go, this book was great. There’s yet more information concerning society and people, and then there is the growing background story of Becker, Kate and Ali. This is one of the aspects that I really like in this series, the story continues to unfold, people grow (as does a certain relationship *eyebrowwiggle*) and change in every book and next to that there is the growing excitement and suspense.
As I said in my previous review about The Werewolf Coefficient Tina Gower is a constant writer, meaning that she doesn’t change her writing in her series. I still think that this is a good thing, a steady stream of information keeps me interested in what is to come, and the more complex it becomes the more I want to finish this series as soon as possible. Also, apparently there is some sort of office for those who get a death certificate, which is quite hilarious because not everyone seems to take it seriously (a.k.a woman in the duct tape outfit).

I really have to get this of my chest: I absolutely love Ali’s part in this series! She’s grown so much in the last couple of books and I absolutely approve *big thumbs up*. There is even some more background information about her family situation in this book, which is actually  quite shocking since she has been through a lot. I think that I can safely say that Ali is my most favourite character.
Don’t get me wrong, Hank is hilarious and Becker is to damn cute, but Ali is so awesome! Taking a leap into the great unknown, standing by her cousin while dangerous things are going on. She’s bad ass.

To be honest, it’s a bit difficult for me to write this review. Mind you, that’s not a bad sign at all! I just really liked the book and I don’t want to spoil anything of importance, but since this book is full of important stuff that means that I can’t really say anything about the contents without spoiling too much :’) First world problems eh? One tiny hint though: Things are not at all like you would expect in this book. The best thing is, I didn’t even expect it to happen! It was all so smooth and written in such a way that I wasn’t able to predict that something unexpected would happen.

Overall this was another great part in this series, the best one so far in my opinion. The writing is still as pleasant as it was at the start. Ali’s growing part in this series is absolutely perfect and the more information I get about her, Becker’s, and Kate’s past the more hooked I get to this series. I can’t wait how this is going to unfold in the next book! I give this book 4 stars.

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