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Top 5 Wednesday: Characters I’d Want as Family


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme created by Lainey from  gingerreadslainey, and is hosted by Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes. If you want to take a look at the Goodreads group, and perhaps even want to join, you can click this link.

Oh my Oh my, unbelievable how fast time has gone in the last week! I had an amazing introduction week, a free weekend and now I’m on my way to England! How time flies right?

Anyhooo, here is this weeks Top 5 Wednesday: Characters I’d Want as Family.

This is a pretty difficult task if you ask me, because I do love some characters, but I’m not sure if I’d want them to be my family… Ugh the horrors. I mean even though I might love them in a book, it doesn’t mean that I’d like to have some murderous thief as family… on the other hand, maybe as a far cousin? So, let’s find out who I’d like to have as family (and I might or might not add the closeness of our family bonds :’), also: this list is not really in any order, just at random).

  1. Big Mike from On the Run (click the link for the review). He’s ex-military, ex-biker, huge and a good person if you’re on his good side. If I could have him as family I’d love to have him as my older brother. (To the rescue and all that).
  2. Kate from the series The Outlier Prophecies (click the link to see my reviews of that series so far). I’d absolutely love to have her as my sister because she’s just good at everything I dislike/ am not that good at. Next to that it appears that every time there’s something exiting going on, it involves her. That means: Finally an interesting life! Oh and maybe a werewolf as a brother in law, and a witch as a cousin! Awesomenessss.
  3. Jesse James Dawson from A Devil in the Details (click the link to see the review). Definitely an older brother, I mean he’s funny, is badass, and knows how to deal with difficult situations.
  4. Vasher from Warbreaker (click the link for the review). Classic case of rather having this one as a cousin. I mean, he’s awesome and all and his sword has the ability to talk, but I’d still rather have him as a cousin. The first sentence already mentions that he ends up in jail, a lot, so would he be closer than a cousin, that might bring complications with it.
  5. Professor Fitch from The Rithmatist (click the link to see the review). This guy would be my uncle if I had a choice in the matter. He’s a nice man, still stern at times, and an absolute geek! He would be my studybuddy if I’d ever have math or something like it again.

That was my list of Characters I’d Want as Family. Of course I can think of countless others, but that would cause a lot of family drama and expanding this would also require a family story. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll write one some time soon (procrastination *cough*). Anywayz, this was my list, but what is yours? Who would you want as your family if you had a choice in the matter?

Please leave your answers in the comments! Good luck with the rest of the week, and remember: It’s already Wednesday! Two days to go and then it has already been a week into your first semester.


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