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No Hiatus, just not that active

Dear lovely people,

It is this time of the year again when all students find their way back to school… including me. Because of this I’ve decided not to really stop blogging for now, but simply being less active for the time being.

The reason is very simple: I will always put uni before blogging, so for the time  being I want to figure out what I have to do to get through this year.

Don’t worry! I will not abandon you completely. There will just be less posts the next couple of months. You can expect a detailed report from my visit to Canterbury last week, and before you know it there will you tons of study related posts on my blog!
I will try to read a ‘ normal’ book once in a while, just don’t hold it against me when I am unable to do so.

Have you started school yet? If so: was your first day back into the dark place of education as lovely *cough…sarcasm* as mine?

Good luck to you all! We can get through another year! It’ll be over before we know it ^_^




10 thoughts on “No Hiatus, just not that active


    Oh wait, you said you did NOT stop blogging ;). But yes, school > blogging for sure!
    Wait a minute, though. Do I have to read that Chinese book on my lonesome now? O_o

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