Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters I’d Name A Child/Dog/Cat/Car/Etc. After

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted and created by The Broke and the Bookish. If you want some more information about the meme, just click the link 🙂

So, about two weeks ago there was a TTT about Villains. Now, for some reason I have a weakness for villains and absolutely love them most of the time (or hate them with the intensity of a thousand suns, it depends on the situation at hand). Since I missed that amazing list, I’ve decided to participate! From now on, there will be Top Ten Tuesdays on my blog ^_^

Today’s topic is: Ten Characters I’d Name A Child/Dog/Cat/Car/Etc. After.

Alright here we go! Just so you know, when you click the link you will be redirected to the Goodreads page of the book 🙂

  1. Floki. This name is already in use! The character is originally (at least the one I’m thinking of) from Vikings, a series on History Channel. Now, some time ago, my boyfriend and I decided to buy a car together (one small step for humanity, but a huge step in our relationship blabla), and we named him Floki ^_^ Why? Because it’s a Ford Fiesta, it already starts with an F, we both love Floki in the series = ❤
  2. Ragnar. That is definitely going to be the name for my next dog! Ragnar is quite a well known historical figure, but he’s also a character in Vikings, and in a series called The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell.
  3. Siri She is a character from the book Warbreaker written by Brandon Sanderson. She is absolutely awesome and I think that I will call my chicken Siri. Why my chicken? Well, she’ll provide for me! and for that that chicken deserves a name and acknowledgement.
  4. Snorri Sturluson. He is the one who wrote the Edda. If you want to know more about Snorri, click this link, but I know for a fact that I will name my next cat after him. The full name will then be: Henry Snorri Sturluson II, his royal majesty :’) The vet will probably hate me for all eternity if I do this haha
  5. Elinor She is a character from a novella that I read with Anne from Inkedbrownies for our double read in the book called A Reaper of Stone by Mark Gelineau. She was an absolutely badass character. Then there was of course Eleanor of Aquitaine, a different spelling yet still the same name, who was an amazing queen. I see this as a potential name for, maybe, a future daughter? What do you guys think?
  6. Faran The horse of Sparhawk in The Diamond Throne by David Eddings. This horse was the best. He is grumpy, a dick to everyone and he bites them as well, no love for others except for his owner. If I ever do get a horse (childhood dream and all that) I will definitely call him Faran (yes, it’s really going to be a him because I don’t really get along with mares).
  7. Pug If I have a dog and it’s going to happen to be a pug, I’ll call him Pug :’) The character in the Raymond Feist books is an absolute genius, so maybe the pug will be too? :’)
  8. Sabetha Again, an awesome character. She’s a character who actually comes into the spotlight in the third book of the Gentleman Bastard series by Scott Lynch. If I ever get a female cat, she’ll be named after her. Just for attitude sake.
  9. Seralynd I’m not that familiar with the character yet, so I’ll have to wait and see, but the name is nice. Maybe a potential name for a child? I do like the sound of it.
  10. Peíst I know right, it doesn’t sound like much. But the fact is that this creature is actually a dragon! So awesome! *fangirling* If I get another car later on in my life, I will call it Peíst. Or if I ever get a dragon (you know, like when the world suddenly decides to become awesome a.f.) I’ll hope that he will accept the name. Or maybe not, it depends. I might even call my sword Peíst! there’s an idea….

p.s. I named my parents’ car after mister Darcy :’) it is a Dacia Logan, so there was already a D, an a and a y sound hahaha

Now, I’m curious: Would you use any of the names on this list? If yes, which one(s)? If no, why not? And of course: What names would you give to your kids/car/pets/inanimate objects? Leave your ideas in the comment section below! Enjoy the rest of your day ^_^


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters I’d Name A Child/Dog/Cat/Car/Etc. After

  1. My husband and I also have Ragnar on our list for a dig! It translates to “shaggy breeches” and we think it’s such a contrast to the ferocity of the character that it would make a great dog name.

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  2. Omg, Snorri Sturluson is such a brilliant name for a cat! :’) Mine will never die of course, thus, there will never be a next cat, but still ;). Excellent list! I also liked the name of Elinor. It sounds so Elvish but in a badass way?

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      1. I thought of the Dutch version of Eleonora when I was lying awake at 5am (FML) and that all the girls which I know who have that name (=2) are complete c*nts :’). Damn shame! (but still a pretty name ^^)

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      2. And yet, you ended up insulting my mother anyhow!! XD
        JK ❤ I didn't tell her, and even if I did, she couldn't care less (and forget about what I've told her 5 minutes later anyways 😉 )

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