Tina Gower: The Outlier Prophecies

Tina Gower: The Outlier Prophecies; Shifter Variance

33389429Author: Tina Gower
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Kindle +- 212 pages
Published by Smashed Pocket Press 14 December 2016

Goodreads Synopsis
After Kate Hale dodges her predicted death, she learns the anti-fate group Wyrd wasn’t her only enemy. Complicating matters, it seems a highly respected colleague tampered with a forecast. Nobody believes Kate’s discovery, so she must discreetly determine if the hero she admires is involved in the conspiracy to undermine the oracle net. But Kate sets aside that investigation when Dalia Swanson, Becker’s maybe-sister, is flagged in a missing persons case. All she and her werewolf boyfriend would like is some quality time together—except this is the one case that demands their immediate attention. With New Karma threatening to fill the hole Wyrd left, Kate and Becker struggle to define their relationship and unpredictable future, especially where it concerns Becker’s fate of turning violently feral.

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

“If the world’s going to be a carousel ride with no stops, then I at least want a shower first.”

We continue where Standard Deviation of Death left us after Kate, Ali, Becker, and Lipski, disarmed the serious threat of the anti-fate group Wyrd. But, the danger is far from over.

I think that the Goodreads synopsis has already mentioned enough concerning the content of this book, so I will not elaborate on that because otherwise there would be no reason why you should read the book yourself (and you want to, believe me). I will tell you this though: all the twists, turns, and hints will make you wish that Gower would have already published her next book :’) I know I did.

However, I’m a little bit conflicted at this point. Why? Well, there are two reasons actually. First of all, this book felt like a bridge from one exciting book to another, and secondly I had some more trouble with the first person narrative than I usually have with this series. Let me explain why.
The threat posed by the anti-fate organisations are far from over and this book felt, to me at least, more like a bridge between two exciting books. There are so many hints in this book that suggest that there might be more to all this than it appeared at first, but there wasn’t really done anything with those hints in this book.
This book wasn’t boring at all though! Don’t get me wrong. It is full of surprises, good and bad, but personally I wasn’t quite as hooked to this book as I was to Standard Deviation of Death. Maybe it is because of the bridge feeling or maybe it is because I felt less involved somehow, I’m not sure about that. But what I do know, is that this book created good basis for what is to come next. It was done really well, but as I already mentioned I felt less attracted to this book because of that.
I also felt like I struggled more with the first person p.o.v. than usual. As you all know, I’m not that fond of a first person narrative, but I can handle it quite well with this series. However, this time there was a gap. It was filled a little bit because Kate was informed about what had happened, but this was only a small part of it all, at least so it seemed to me. It was just a part of the book that I would have liked to read in more detail or maybe in a way where another character told Kate what had happened more thorough. Maybe some things will be revealed about what happened in that gap in more detail later on, but it would have been nice to have had some more detail about it in this book.

This being said, I have to stress that I’m not saying that this wasn’t a good book. It definitely was. The writing was still as good as usual and there was also more character development, one of my favourite things about this series. Again, I learned more about Becker, Ali, and Kate, but about other characters as well. They develop as individuals, but also as a group while they learn to live with each other and face the threats that keep coming their way. This way of character development is truly interesting because you don’t know the characters in one book, you’ll get to know them throughout the series, feel with them and for them through it all, it is engaging. And most of all: I love how all characters that are more better developed in this series have a role to play and are not just there in order to… you know be there. No, they are in the book for a reason, and that is definitely one of the strongest aspects of this series.

All in all, even though I had some small issues, the rest was just as good as I’m used to. I am really looking forward to see where this series is going to, and if this book was indeed some sort of bridge book between two more exciting books. Because I still really love the character development and the mystery of it all, I give this book 3.5 stars.

rating systemrating systemrating systemrating system.5



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