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Netflix; A Series of Unfortunate Events; Thoughts after Episode 2

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This post will contain spoilers about episode 1 &2. If you don’t like spoilers, watch the episode before reading this post.

In the first episode of this series Bad Beginnings: Part One, the children were informed of their parents unfortunate deaths, and were placed under the good care of Count Olaf.
This second episode continues where the first one ended, obviously, and shows us how it came to pass that the children are now in the care of ‘their closest living relative’.

Bad Beginnings: Part two, introduces some new character (Jacquelyn and Gustav), emphasises the unfortunate situation of the Beaudelaires, and reveals Count Olaf’s evil plan to obtain the Baudelaire fortune. It all comes down to the performance of a life time. (it is also in Part two that you’ll notice how strange it is that people don’t recognise Count Olaf when he wears a costume).
During a theatre performance, Count Olaf plans to legally marry Violet in order to obtain the Baudelaire fortune. The crazy thing is, it is actually possible. Justice Strauss let Klaus read a book from her library which says that even though Violet is not old enough to marry, she is allowed to marry someone when her legal guardian gives his permission. Since Justice Strauss has always wanted to be an actress, Count Olaf got her as far as to bring an actual legal document to the performance, a document that he makes Violet sign (whether she wanted to or not). Will they find a way to avoid what seems to be inevitable? (Of course they will, otherwise there wouldn’t be another 6 episodes in the first season).

(I chose not to summarize the entire episode because that wouldn’t be much of an impression. For a more detailed review you can click here, this guy was quite elaborate and has some interesting thoughts.)

This episode continues down the same line, bizarre in a good way. I’m still interested to see where this is going, but now that this ‘part’ of the series is over, I’m not so sure where it will be heading. At least Mr. Poe has finally figured at how truly evil the Count is, but than again I don’t expect him to be actually useful in this show at all haha.
My favourite part of this episode must be the beginning, where Lemony Snicket shows up in Mr. Poe’s office, and all Mr. Poe does is ask Jacquelyn if she can bring him the file (she doesn’t). For some reason I found this incredibly funny.

I’ll be back (read with Arnold’s voice) next Friday with a new post about A Series of Unfortunate Events. This time I will give my impression of the next two episodes (since each part of the story appears to exists of two episodes). In the mean time; What did you think of this episode? And will you continue to watch this series? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

3 thoughts on “Netflix; A Series of Unfortunate Events; Thoughts after Episode 2

  1. Mr Poe most certainly is no help but man is his character fantastic! I really like him. I’m on episode 6 right now. I love how they go from one to the next. It’s becoming a favourite, tho I’m not looking forward to the inevitable wait for season 2!!

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    1. Mr. Poe is so oblivious to everything that’s truly going on around him, it’s a miracle he’s still alive haha and yes, the inevitable wait… At least there’s GOT to look forward to in the mean time 😀

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