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Netflix: A Series of Unfortunate Events; Thoughts after Episode 3 &4 (The Reptile Room)

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor a series of unfortunate events netflix

This post will contain spoilers about episode 3 & 4 of A Series of Unfortunate Events
(the Netflix series).

Yes, I know, I’m one day late, but I have a good reason! (Actually I don’t, Black Sails was just so distracting…)

Today, I will talk about what I thought of Episodes 3 & 4, after I told something that’s really awesome about this series!

You see, I was absolutely clueless about one small detail until I watched episode 4, and that is the fact that the theme song had a minor change. Yes, you didn’t imagine it. There is a change in the theme song, and I understand that this part of the song changes every two episodes.
Apparently, there are 4 ‘different’ theme songs, one for every part of the series. You can see and hear the different theme songs in the YouTube video that I added below, but I must say that it is one clever thing to do.

There is more. With the change in the theme song comes a change in the voice of Neil Patrick Harris! The theme song changes every two episodes, as does the Count Olaf’s character, and so the voice changes to fit his character in those two episodes. Quite ingenious I’d say.

But, I’m not here to discuss the theme song (not entirely anyway :’)), because I want to share my thoughts on episodes 3 & 4: The Reptile Room.
(Like last time, I’m not summarizing the episodes, these are just my thoughts after watching the episodes. If you want a detailed summary you can best click here).

The children are off to their new guardian; Dr. Montgomery Montgomery (or Uncle Monty). He’s such a nice guy! Of course, I figure most of us can already predict what is going to happen to him (since there are four more episodes, and Count Olaf is still alive, it’s not hard to guess). Not that you really need to guess it, because the narrator already tells you that it will happen.
Honestly, I don’t quite know if I LIKED it, or, absolutely HATED that.
People who really know me know that I’m actually one of those people who don’t mind spoilers (and sometimes I even encourage people to spoil things for me… I’m just weird), but here it felt like it was to big a thing to simply spoil before it happens. And it’s not even spoiled by someone who already watched the entire series, no… It is spoiled by the series itself. For some reason, I can’t seem to deal with that.

Monty was a great character! He was a good natures and enthusiastic guy, who actually understood the Baudelaire children, unfortunately though he wasn’t able to figure out that Count Olaf had infiltrated his household. However, he does realize that Stephano (a new character created by Count Olaf) is not who he pretends to be.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor netflix a series of unfortunate events stefano

From the moment that Stephano appears, we as an audience might see how truly desperate Count Olaf is to get the Baudelaire fortune. He is not just going to give up because his first attempt at getting the fortune failed miserable. He won’t stop until he finally does have it. It is in episode 4 that he summons his minions (oh right, I mean ‘theatre company’) in order to get things going. This actually gets quite funny because it is, again, Mr. Poe who fails to see what is right in front of him (even though is is really making progress at the end of episode 4! Maybe he does have it in him… I hope). Afbeeldingsresultaat voor netflix a series of unfortunate events jacquelyn


There is still one thing that I have address; the role of Jacquelyn.
It is still not all that clear to me what she’s doing in this series. Maybe this will become clear in the near future, or maybe it will all make sense in the next season, but I would have liked it better if her part in this series was clearly defined (or at least slightly more… just tell me why she’s useful and I’m fine with it!).

That’s it for today. I’ll be back next Friday with a new post containing my thoughts about episode 5 & 6. In the mean time: What do you think of the series so far? Are you as annoyed with Mr. Poe as I am? And most importantly: have you ever held a snake? (I actually have! I even have a picture :D) Leave your thoughts in the comment section below 🙂

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