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Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Jobs I’d Love to Have


Hello and welcome to this magnificent well constructed (and completely on time)
Top 5 Wednesday!

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme created by Lainey from  gingerreadslainey, and is hosted by Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes. If you want to take a look at the Goodreads group, and perhaps even want to join, you can click this link.

This post is both a Top 5 Wednesday and an apology.

Before I start my very serious and, like I said, magnificently well constructed post, I want to apologize. I’ve not been that active lately because I was MASSIVELY distracted by life (on a lower level), and a ton of other things (tv-shows, compulsory reading for uni, work, getting some vague diploma thingy for work, and trying not to run away screaming).

*tries not to burst out into tears*

I’ve been neglecting you guys, and I feel awful 😮 But I’m definitely going to make it up to you! Pinky-swear!

So, here goes.

This Top 5 Wednesday is about the 5 fictional jobs I’d really love to have. Believe me, there are lots of things I want to do, unfortunately for me… these things are either fictional or not really an option for someone like me :’) Be prepared to be dazzled, blown away, mesmerized!

  1. Wizard. Obviously, this is going to be my first choice! I mean I love magic, so if I would have the ability to do awesome stuff, I’d definitely choose to be a wizard.
    Image result for you're a wizard harry
    Just change Harry into Cindy and that would be great…
  2. Supernatural Bounty Hunter (words not necessarily in that order). If I was someone who would really kick ass, and if the world would actually be supernatural, I’d really love to do this! I’d be awesome 😀 I’d be like Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan.
    Image result for rachel morgan kim harrison
  3. Dragon Rider. No, not just in an Eragon style, but also like the soldiers in Noami Novik’s novels, or those of Robin Hobb 😀
  4. Being a member of some awesome group (preferably The Gentleman Bastard). Yes, I’d see this as a job… I mean it would be my job to stay alive, right?
  5. Shadowhunter. Alright then… not my proudest moment. But I have to agree that I might just somewhat like the idea of being a Shadowhunter. This doesn’t mean that I specifically love the books or something, but I think it is a great concept.
    Look at these guys! Standing there being all cool and stuff:Image result for shadowhunters

This was my Top 5 Fictional Jobs I’d Love to Have. What fictional jobs are in your top 5? Do let me know in the comment section below! See you next time 😀


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Jobs I’d Love to Have

  1. Is it me showing my age that I’m shocked you could mention Dragon Rider but not Pern?! LOL! I think my fictional vocation might be a Librarian, as in the Invisible Library series – books, more books, and just a little adventure 🙂

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    1. I actually tried to start the first book laat year, but I had some trouble getting into it so I put it aside 😮 is it worth to read that series? Librarians are awesome too! Do you know the Film series of The Librarian?


      1. Hmm, it’s hard to tell – I was much younger when I read it first, and the fantasy genre has moved on. Although I will say that the first book wasn’t the best – otherwise, they’re kind of comfort reading for me. I’ve heard of the Librarian movies, and while I love the concept I couldn’t get into them at all.

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      2. Alright then haha I think I’ll let that series be :’) I love those movies! So funny and dramatic! Have you read The Shadow of the Wind? I loved the library of forgotten books concept. Honestly, that library deserves its own book ^^

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