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I Want You to Share in an Adventure: Tallinn, Estonia



11 thoughts on “I Want You to Share in an Adventure: Tallinn, Estonia

  1. I’ve been to Tallinn (and to some other places in Estonia) a few times and I really liked it. Unfortunately, I never had time to do as much sightseeing as you and your friend did, but I wish I had. It’s a beautiful, fascinating city.

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      1. Kuressaare on Saarema. Among other things, there’s a castle. Also, interesting scenery. Tartu has a famous university. I’m not sure how much that counts as a tourist destination. I had a meeting there, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone. Many people there don’t speak English.

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  2. This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

    I am jealous. I live in a small Alabama town and have hardly traveled at all. I would love to visit the Baltic area.

    ~Icky. 🙂

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  3. Yay 🙂 Hope the trip was good… pity about the weather though, summer time is way nicer in Estonia, or the deep winter.
    I would definitely recommend going to Tartu if you ever happen to go to Estonia again… I lived there for a number of years… it’s a university town, it’s quite hip and people actually do speak English there 😀 hehehe… it’s full of crazy cool pubs, underground clubs (if that’s your scene, probably not) and it’s just overall a beautiful town. South of Estonia has plenty of interesting places to visit- a lot better scenery as well than in the north.

    What happened in Peppersack? 😀 it sounded like there was something odd going on there 😀
    and how did you find your hotel? was it all nice and cheerful?

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    1. Thanks for the tips!
      Well it was something of a history student thing for us I think hahaha they are doing a 15th century thing but for us it seemed like some things didn’t add up :’) and after the sword play thing I asked what swords they were using and the guy didn’t know 😮 we were just feeling a bit conflicted after we left haha our hotel was really nice actually. We had a cosy room on the top floor from which we could see the rooftop of a church (at night it had blue and pink lights on it! <3).

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      1. Ah, so Peppersack was trying to give the halfarsed experience… pity… I’d compare it to my last Friday night experience at a restaurant where I asked what the roast of the day was from the waitress and she was like- I don’t know- she turned around and asked another waitress and she didn’t know either, so they both took off to the kitchen to check. and I was like- are you seriously coming to work, hand out the menus and NOT bother asking what the roast of the day is because by hell, people ARE going to ask! 😀 anyway, my point is- things aren’t really that well thought through and/or managed 🙂
        Glad to hear the hotel was good 🙂 Where to next? 🙂 I’ve heard Latvia and Lithuania have fabulous old towns as well 😀

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      2. Wow…. And I thought I was unknowing at times :’) but we survived! So we’ll be fine 😀 I’m thinking Budapest or something, but I’m not sure yet ^^ I’ll see when the time (and money) comes xD

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  4. It’ll be summer when we go there this year so I guess it’ll be a tad warmer. Thanks for the introduction!


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