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Almost there!

Hello there lovely people who still visit my blog despite my prolonged absence,

(that’s a long sentence… just imagine that I’m saying “Hi”).

It’s exam season and we all know what that means… unfortunately no more procrastinating, and no more joking around, because procrastinating got me where I am today: crying in a corner wishing I had done my work beforehand.

Now, the good news is: It’s nearly over!
Yes, I still have a couple of weeks to go, but then it’s summer holiday and I’ll be able to read whatever I want and whenever I want *smiles absently while remembering the good old days*. I’ll be having a couple of reviews out here in the near future. Until then: folks, hang in there. We can get through this.

But, I also have something else to say because it’s official now and that means I can share it with the world: I’m going to start another bachelor next year!
But WHUT?! you might think. SAY WHUT?! Yes, I’m going to start another bachelor: Archeology. Why? Because it’s freaking awesome and I want to give it a go while I still can. (I will mention this in a happy moments post when I have the time hihi). I’m so excited!!!! *does happy dance*

See you next time and good luck everyone!



9 thoughts on “Almost there!

    1. Thank you! At the moment I study English Language and Culture so most of it is quite different from archaeology. But in both cases I’m interested in the middle ages, with English that’s mainly reading manuscripts and texts and so on ^^

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