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The Sword, the Story, and some pictures

In my previous post I promised to try and see if I could find some pictures of the whole sword fighting thing. Well, this is where you’ll get to see some pictures ^_^ (and get a background story, of course).

Here goes:

about a year ago I was talking to an old work friend of mine and he told me that sword fighting (or Historical European Martial Arts) was actually a thing. So, obviously, I decided to give it a shot and I loved it. From that moment on, everything went quite fast. I started in September, got my own sword in December (birthday present woopwoop), and finally got a shield, and mask, last February. After getting all that, I looked like this:

sword1ย  and this –>ย sword2

(there was a person without a mask where the boom is :’) a creative way of Photoshop… right?)

And then, things started to escalate quickly and I bought the rest that I have now. Basically it’s new shinguards, a fancy jacket and some fancy pants. This results in me looking like the black little thin in the next picture:


I look awesome! Also, the blue arrow point to where I hold my sword and the red arrow point to where my enemy (nah he’s a good guy) walks into the point of my sword… It’s amazing!




And then there is me trying to do other stuff with a long sword. Resulting in getting my ass kicked by this awesome woman who had the patience to try and teach me how to hold, and use, this massive thing :’)

longsword1ย awesome vs ass-kickedasskicked1

That’s it folks! The sword, the story, some pictures, and some awesome people!


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