My Happy Moments

New year!

Dear all,

It has been quite some time since you’ve last heard of me, and I’m truly sorry for that. However, the end of a year brings some (maybe) good news: I’ll be more active in 2018!

Not that it’s even possible for me to be any less active in 2018 haha but I think you guys get the picture. I cannot promise to read a certain amount of books per month, and I’m definitely not going to, but I can promise that there will be regular posts on series, some books, and mostly study related things.

It has been about half a study year now since I started the Archaeology bachelor next to my English bachelor and it has been amazing. There are so many new things to learn, things to discover, and in my opinion there should be a little more interdisciplinary work :’) But most importantly: I’ve learned so much and I’m having a blast!
This time off has given me the space to see whether I could do all I wanted and maybe more, and it seems more than possible to me ^_^

Now, enough about me.

Folks, I wish you an amazing new year!
Some of you might be at some huge party, other quietly sitting in the living room with a book, or together with family. No matter where you are, no matter what you’re going to do: may 2018 be a favourable year for all of you, filled with wonder, amazing opportunities, and just downright amazing things!




3 thoughts on “New year!

  1. I don’t do resolutions and I don’t have targets – though I do hope to publish one book this year. However, I do wish you a Happy New Year and good luck with your studies!

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