The Wind of Change (insert dramatic music here)

Dear all,

As some of you might have noticed, I’ve decided to expand my horizons (does that thing where one’s arms mimic a rainbow) by including reviews of books from Dutch authors as well.
Via this blog post, I humbly beg the forgiveness of my non-Dutch speaking/reading public for slightly diverting from the – let’s be honest – properly established English works out there. Then again, I am Dutch, after all. When my mother in law gave me this amazing book last Christmas (whistles that song)… well… I was properly seduced I was.

Because of this venture into unknown territory, I’ve decided to make a separate page containing a-z Dutch written reviews of books I read in Dutch. The review title will also include [Dutch] to clearly mark the overall Dutchness of the review.

Just in case there are some Dutchies following my blog: do you guys have any recommendations?

On that note, I’ll leave you to your lives, books, and (for some of you) soon to be lunch.

Best wishes,


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