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To Read List: Juli

Alright, as it turns out I have not read any of the books that I was supposed to read for last month. One might say I was distracted by a lot of things (Netflix not being one of those distractions for one! In your face internet!). So, my to read list for this month is basically the list I made for June :’)

Venom & Vanilla by Shannon Mayer
Tanza by Amanda Greenslade
Ensnared by Rita Stradling

and if I can read more this month:

The Ninth Circle by C. A. Harland

Don’t think that I haven’t read anything though! No! Because I have (honestly, I really have). I’ve started the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson and I can tell you that I am in love ❤ The third book is already compelling me to start reading, so at least I’ve got that going for me haha There will be a review on the three books right after I finish that last part (SOOOO EXCITED!)

Next to that I’ll also post a review of Wonderwoman (I saw the film on Monday the 3rd and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised). (There also might or might not appear a post about some research I’ll be doing about an estate that I visited this weekend).

So, that’s my plan for this month, and this time I hope that I’ll stick to it. What will you be reading this month? Or what are you up to in general? Do let me know in the comment section below! Is anyone planning on travelling some awesome place this summer?

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To Read List: June

I’ve been ignoring this for far too long! It has to end! *Dramatic music playing in the background* For over half a year, let’s say about 9 months, I’ve pretended that it was fine for me not to have a To Read List… I was wrong. So now, I’m going to make it up to me, you, and my gigantic pile of books! Here is my To Read List for June *celebration music, balloons, food and drinks* (Just ignore the fact that the 1st week of June has already passed :’))

Venom & Vanilla by Shannon Mayer
Tanza by Amanda Greenslade
Ensnared by Rita Stradling

and if I can read more this month:

The Ninth Circle by C. A. Harland

That’s it for me this month! Now, I’m wondering, what will you be reading this month? And, if you’ve already read one or more of the books I listed above, what did you think?


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To Read September

to read list

WoopWoop! The Summer holiday is almost done and I’m so excited to go to school! Next week I’ll be a guide during the introduction week of my university, so I won’t have any time for reading. Luckily I have scheduled my Top 5 Wednesday post, so you will hear from me in the near future ^_^ Other posts will have to wait until the weekend (yes, I finally have weekend for a change!) because I have a lot of new things to tell you guys in my next My Happy Moments post *giggle*
Anyhoo, here is my (quite short) to read list for September. Hopefully I will be able to read some more, but those reads will probably be mandatory reads for my courses.

Okay, so here’s again a bit of cheating because I have already started this book, but I’ll finish it in September! Promise!

Fierce Winds Rising by R.F. Dinoso

Then I have two other reads that I wan to finish in September (other than my uni-reads):

To the Sky Kingdom by Tang Qi (buddy read :D)

Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho

What are you reading in September? And if you’re still studying, are you ready for the new school year?

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To Read August

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July has almost ended *sad face* and August is already nearly upon us. There are a few questions that I must answer, like: Have I been very productive lately? (The answer is: not really), have I actually read what I promised to read? (again… not really, but this time I got halfway!) and; even though I’ve been procrastinating, am I still glad with the things that I did in July? F*** YES!

Even though I didn’t do a lot of blogging, I’ve been busy finding books, visiting England and doing a lot of other things! (expect posts about England in the near future). It’s not that my to read list is so awful, it’s just that I’ve got so many other things to do that I have set blogging a bit lower on my priority-list.

I hope that August will be a bit more productive, so here’s my to read list:

(I actually already reading this one so this is a July/August book)
The Lord of Ireland by E.M. Powell

Other books I am planing to read in August are:

Fierce Winds Rising by R.F. Dinoso
The song of Orpheus by Tracy Barrett
Standard Deviation of Death by Tina Gower

I hope to be able to read more, but you never know. Good luck for those who are also struggling with their to read list! If not: Have fun!

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To Read July

to read list

We’re nearing the end of June and I have a confession to make.

Last month, I told you that I would be reading at least 4 books in June… I was wrong. Unfortunately, I got into a reading slump and I’ve only read one book this month (though I started a new book! I’ve already started on chapter 5… last week…). So next month I’ll be reading:


I hope that I’ll do a bit better this month and that I’ll be able to read more than 4 books!

What will you be reading in July?


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To Read June


to read list

June is already coming closer, and you know what that means!

First of all I think I’m going to have to cheat again (shame on me…):

Earthbound Bones by ReGina Welling (hopefully end May, but might be the first week of June)

June to read:

This is all for June, I have to think about the possibility of resits. If I don’t have any resits (dream on…) I will probably be able to read some more!

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May Announcement: Double Review with…

Hello again to the beautiful little bubble of joy that is my blog!

Today I have a special announcement that might (or might not) blow your mind away^_^ You see, Anne (from InkedBrownies) and I have been thinking about doing this for a while now and we finally decided to do it!

Please welcome a new item on BOTH blogs:


(Don’t you love the manga faces?! We do. I mean come on look at our eyes!)

We already did a double review some time ago and we had a lot of fun doing it. So, this means that we aim to read the same book about once a month and create a double review.

Be prepared for a lot of jokes, beautiful and appropriate metaphors, perfectly constructed criticism, ranting about whatever and all of that times 2!

We are already looking forward to our first Double Review Thursday were we will review:

Are you as excited as we are about this?!