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Prologue and Chapter 1: The festival of Kagiso


Even after four centuries had past, the signs of the great battle were still visible upon the earth.
Though the heart of the fight had been elsewhere back then, everything in the high north had changed. Where first woodlands had housed all kind of creatures, now only abandoned valleys, covered in rocks from numerous rockslides, remained.
It was now seen as a small battle that had been fought here. Children were only aware of the carnage near the capital, but never were they taught about the Corcoran War. The fight was only known by its name, though none of the people from Zeleny knew why it was called that.

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Written by yours truly

The story that is still not named

Dearest creature in creation,

I’ve decided to simply take the leap and put the first part of a story, written by yours truly, on this amazing blog you’re visiting at this very moment!
The stories my amazing brain comes up with are mostly fantasy and so is: the story that is still not named (please come with any suggestions you like for the title because I really have no clue whatsoever).
Feedback is always welcome! So if you have any please leave a comment 🙂

Thanks and I hope you like it!