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Dear Readers,

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been absent for a while now.
This is not because I no longer feel like blogging or anything! It’s just that I’ve been crazy busy, and I probably will be for quite some time to come.

I’ll try to post something new in the near future because *tension building moment* I’ve just been to Estonia! So, there will be pictures, and fun-facts, and more pictures 😀 It’s gonna be big.

Please don’t hold it against me if you don’t hear from me in the next couple of weeks (deadlines all around :O)

Best wishes,


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#SATW: Holland: A Food Guide

Absolutely amazing blogpost about the Dutch Cuisine by Anne ^_^ She did a great job in showing the variety of our Dutch food (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, more snacks). If you’re not hungry yet, you will definitely be after reading this post 🙂

Inked Brownies

Welcome to my second SFATW post! Souvenirs From Across The World (SFATW) is a feature created by Marie@Drizzle & Hurricane Books to get to know each other a little better, focussing especially on where we are all from, and share a bit from our countries, cities, cultures, traditions, writers, and authors while we’re at it.The main goal of Souvenirs From Across The World is to create a link between all bloggers, from everywhere, and to share a bit of the diversity that makes everyone unique on the blogosphere.

This month (October 9th – November 6th)’s theme is:


Okay, to be completely honest here, Dutch dining cuisine isn’t very eventful. The typical Dutch dinner consists of boiled potatoes, boiled vegetables and a piece of fried meat. A little salt added to everything and that’s it mostly. During the winters, people like to mix it up, go crazy, and throw everything (traditional ‘stamppot’…

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No Hiatus, just not that active

Dear lovely people,

It is this time of the year again when all students find their way back to school… including me. Because of this I’ve decided not to really stop blogging for now, but simply being less active for the time being.

The reason is very simple: I will always put uni before blogging, so for the time  being I want to figure out what I have to do to get through this year.

Don’t worry! I will not abandon you completely. There will just be less posts the next couple of months. You can expect a detailed report from my visit to Canterbury last week, and before you know it there will you tons of study related posts on my blog!
I will try to read a ‘ normal’ book once in a while, just don’t hold it against me when I am unable to do so.

Have you started school yet? If so: was your first day back into the dark place of education as lovely *cough…sarcasm* as mine?

Good luck to you all! We can get through another year! It’ll be over before we know it ^_^



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Tracy Barrett: The Song of Orpheus


Author: Tracy Barrett
Genre: Short stories/Mythology
Paperback 114 pages, Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on August 1st 2016

Goodreads synopsis
The Song of Orpheus: The Greatest Greek Myths You Never Heard is a funny, adventure-filled collection of wonderfully weird “new” Greek myths. This unforgettable collection spins tales of love and loss, hilariously vain superheroes, ancient robots, untrappable giant foxes, men reborn after being torn apart by dragons, and even the world’s first monkeys. A few of these tales may seem familiar at first, but be prepared for the unexpected. Others are wonderfully strange and puzzling. All of them are entertaining. All of them deserve to be better known.

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The 50 Questions Tag

Thanks a million Amanda for giving me the opportunity to do this tag! If you haven’t checked out her blog, then click the link and browse around, she’s great 🙂 Since I’ve got some time to kill until midnight (I can determine my own schedule if only I’m fast enough!), and felt like sharing some random stuff about myself, here are my answers to the 50 Questions Tag!

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Medieval England: Language, society and The Canterbury Tales #5

Philo ME

Hello and welcome to another part of the series about Medieval England.
This time  I would like to spend some time on the following subjects:

  • Medieval schools
    • Mendicant schools
    • Monastic schools
    • Cathedral schools
    • Pecia system
  • The 7 liberal arts
    • trivium and quadrivium

As usual I have my tutors to thank for providing a lot of information and a book: The medieval world complete, edited by Robert Barlett. Other sources will be mentioned in the text and if I find a useful website I’ll give you the link.

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What is Fiction?

Fiction as a genre vs Literary Fiction

“The term Fiction is used to differentiate literary prose genres of short-story, novella and novel from drama and poetry” (Mario Klarer; An Introduction to Literary Studies).

However this is not all there is to be said about fiction. Wikipedia tells us that:
“Fiction describes peoples, places, events and/or complete narrative works derived from imagination, in addition to, or rather than, from history or fact.”
But Literary fiction, according to Wikipedia, is something else again:
“They are works that offer deliberate social commentary, political criticism, or focus on the individual to explore some part of the human condition.”

Steven Petite from the Huffingtonpost did a good job however in defining both types of Fiction:
“The main reason for a person to read Genre Fiction is for entertainment, for a riveting story, an escape from reality. Literary Fiction separates itself from Genre because it is not about escaping from reality, instead, it provides a means to better understand the world and delivers real emotional responses.”

For now, in order to ‘define’ fiction, let’s keep it simple: Fiction is often comes from the writer’s imagination and doesn’t, always, come from history or fact. Genre Fiction gives the reader a way to escape reality.
When used in Literary Studies it’s a term to draw the line between the short-story/novella/novel and drama/poetry or: Literary Fiction is a way for readers to ‘see’ the world or particular problem in another light, it is not used to escape reality but to dive even further into it.

But no matter how you look at it. In my opinion the authors of both types of Fiction still need the same things to make a work of prose.

What might be important to know before you continue reading this post: most of the information that I use comes from An Introduction to Literary Studies by Mario Klarer.
This because I need to use this book for my studies and so is the main source of my information about most things Literary.

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