A Brief History: English Standardization


Hello and welcome to another philology post!

This time I want to talk about the standardization of the English language (and with want I mean; also kinda have to because the exam is nearly upon us :O). I might have mislead you there a tiny bit with the title, because it’s going to be as brief as I can make it (the can depending on what I think is worthy of being in this blogpost). I have based this blogpost mainly on my notes from the lectures & tutorials, and The Stories of English by David Chrystal (if you want to read a book about English standardization, this book is a great start). Any other sources will be mentioned in the text (if online source there will be a link to the website).
I don’t claim to know everything, so if you find a flaw in my work do let me know!

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18th Century English Society and Literature


(Painting attributed to Joseph Farringdon, source daggettgalleries).

Goodday folks!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, when the students who have mid-terms are stressing about their exams (including yours truly). That is why I’ve used a list of terms (created with love by my tutor… at least I hope that it was with love), to make a lovely summary of what I had to learn for the mid-term about the 18th Century Society and Literature (so far).
Most of my information is from The Norton Anthology of English Literature (NAEL), The Restoration and the 18th Century, and my notes. Whenever I use another source I’ll add the link or the title/name of the source I used. There will be pictures, some less impressive intrusive comments (made up all by myself *looking proud*) and hopefully some useful knowledge.

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The First Crusade(s)

crusades-1Hello there everyone, how nice of you to drop by 😀

Some time ago, I saw this post by Samantha from The Historical Diaries. She was looking for people who wanted to write a guestpost, and of course I acted like a pitbull and decided to write one. The post is already on her blog (Click here to see the post on her blog). Not feeling like clicking the link? Just read on 🙂

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Aphra Behn: Oroonoko

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor oroonoko
The school year has already started and one of my courses this semester is about British Literature of the long 18th century.
The first book that we had to read for this course was the book that I am writing a blogpost about today; Oroonoko by Aphra Behn. For those of you who do not know the story, here’s a short synopsis from Goodreads:
When Prince Oroonoko’s passion for the virtuous Imoinda arouses the jealousy of his grandfather, the lovers are cast into slavery and transported from Africa to the colony of Surinam. Oroonoko’s noble bearing soon wins the respect of his English captors, but his struggle for freedom brings about his destruction.

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Medieval England: History, Society and the Old English Language #5


Hello and welcome to the last part of this series.

I know that I’ve said that this series was going to have six parts, but I’ve decided that it was best to just keep the language part in one piece. For this part of the series I’ll mostly use information from: Introduction to Old English by Peter. S. Baker. As usual: if I find any other relevant information, I will give the link in the text.

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