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Review Requests

I am currently unavailable for review requests.

Before requesting a review, here are some of my guidelines:

  • It usually takes me about 2-8 weeks to read and review a book, depending on how much spare time I have during that specific period. I will try to give you an indication of when I am able to post the review, but this might change due to personal circumstances.
  • My reviews will always contain my honest opinion, and I will always base my review on the work that I have read. I will treat the author as a professional, meaning that I also expect you to take my criticism well and will not murder me in my sleep. You can always expect my feedback if I have any. Do you want to know my opinion in even further detail about the work, please email me and I will try to give you even more detailed feedback. When your work gets a 1 star review I will first contact you, and sent you my most detailed review of the work, before posting my review.
  • I always post my reviews on my blog, Goodreads, and if you want I can post a shorter version on Amazon.
  • I try to respond to my emails or messages within 7 days. If I do not, I will contact you later I promise.
  • This is a free service, I do not get paid to review or promote your book. This means that I will try to give your book my complete attention, but my personal life will always come first (see point 1).
  • Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Fiction in general, History, and Romance genres that I generally read. But, if you think that I might really like your book; give it a shot and send me an email! However, I really do not read Horror (I am just to much of a wuss) Erotica, Poetry and most non-fiction books (history is an exception).
  • There are no preferences for file format, but I would rather have a e-pub than a PDF file.

I do not claim to be a professional reviewer, so I would just like to thank everyone who submits a review request ^_^

Note: I do NOT promote any Giveaways/Cover reveals/Book Blitzes etc. unless I’ve actually READ the particular book OR have read something from the corresponding author before.