Rating system

The plan is actually very simple:
I read a book from cover to cover, drool over the book (If it’s good of course!) or curse at it for a while and then  I’ll write you a review about it.

Word of caution: I will be honest in my opinion about the book.
It might occur that you’ve got a totally different idea about the whole thing and that you’ll come to hate me because of my hatred/love for the book that you hate/love. In that case: We’ll get through it together! Honestly.

In any case I’ll just write you a review with my opinion of the book. Sometimes this review might turn out to be a very long one (this will likely happen when I really hate or really love a book) and it may or may not contain some images/quotes here and there.
At the end I will rate the book with stars. Five stars is the highest rating (for the ones of you familiar with Goodreads.com; you know how it works):
– 1 means: it sucks, I don’t like this at all, the book must burn in the fires of hell. Or simply: dislike a lot.
– 2 means: It was okay but I am not that surprised/pleased/awed or anything by this book.
– 3 means: I like this
– 4 means: Me really like this
– 5 means: This book is awesome/great/beautiful. I will cherish this book for as long as I live.

rating system

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