Steven Scaffardi: Sex,Love & Dating disasters

Steven Scaffardi: Sex, Love & Dating disasters; The Drought

Author: Steven Scaffardi29418791
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Chicklit
Pages: +- 329
Published by Lad Lit Press, September 2011

Dan Hilles is just a normal guy with a job, a small group of friends and a long-term girlfriend, but not for long. Things start to change for Dan when he breaks-up with his girlfriend Stacey and he finds himself single again for the first time in three years. Unfortunately for him things don’t change in his favour and he enters a period of drought.
With some near death experiences, more than a couple of awkward dates and some really embarrassing situations, things are getting real complicated. But Dan has a goal and he will not stop until he ends the drought.

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Steven Scaffardi: Sex,Love & Dating disasters

Steven Scaffardi: Sex,Love & Dating disasters; The Flood

Author: Steven Scaffadi28511772
Genre: Romance, comedy, chicklit
Pages: +-307

Dan Hilles is ready to spice up his love life after eight months of drought.
After spending the afternoon in the pub with his three best friends, he makes a bet. He has to date four women simultaneously in eight weeks, without them finding out about each other, just to prove a point.
Dan is more than ready for the Flood to come his way.
What could possibly go wrong?

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