My Happy Moments

My Happy Moment #6

My Happy Moments

Hello everyone!

It’s time for another post about my happy moments in life.

About a month ago I officially entered my summer break (there are still roughly 5 weeks of ‘summer break’ ahead of me so let’s consider it a fairly long break). Since then, a ton of things happened! No, of course nothing happened. Basically all I’ve been doing is working, netflix & chill, trying to read a lot of books but failing miserably (and buying more books while doing this).

But, luckily for me, nice things have happened too! For example; I’ve finished my second year at Uni (huzzah), finally bought enough gear so that I am able to practise sword fighting without worrying about breaking any bones, and I’ve started driving again! Next to that I’ve also decided to start Archaeology next year! Do the amazing things ever stop? Of course not! I’ve also bought a ticket for Castlefest (those of you who have no clue what Castlefest is, click this link), and I’m planning on making my own costume! (whether this is actually going to happen remains to be seen).
Also, I’m going to be on the board of my sword fighting association. How awesome is that?! (I’ve even created a blog section on the website :’) seems like I can’t escape it haha).

I’ve even tried to learn a little of Japanese, though its a lot tougher than I thought it would be!

In short: my ‘summer break’ has been great so far ^_^ How are you guys doing? Did anything amazing happen to you lately? Let me know in the comment section below!

My Happy Moments

My Happy Moments #5

My Happy Moments


Good day everyone!

Oh my, how time flies right? I haven’t been that active lately because of Christmas, my birthday (I’m 22 now :D), new year, and preparing for my end terms in January, but I’m kinda back! Hurray! Be prepared for some study related posts in the near future.

But, since this is a happy moment post, let’s talk about why I’m happy! Here’s a list for your convenience (and mine :’)):

  1. I got a tablet for my birthday! My boyfriend gave it to ย me and I’m extremely happy with it. I’m even using it to write this post right now! How awesome right? And sweet, very sweet *nods *
  2. My parents gave me a freaking sword for my birthday! No idea if I already mentioned it, but I’ll just say it again. It’s so shiny and beautiful ^^ I think I’m in love :’)
  3. My boyfriend has a new bed ๐Ÿ˜€ why does that make me happy? Well, I won’t have to sleep on the floor anymore so that’s pretty good xD
  4. I passed ย the first end term, quite well if I can say so myself, that I made before the holidays!
  5. Did I mention the sword? Look at it!15774707_1373283416037302_8317022254800337039_o
  6. After my end terms I have the rest of January to not do anything that has to do with uni!!

Well, this was my list of happy things. What did you ย get for Christmas? And how is the new year treating you so far? Happy new year folks and let’s make it a good one! Filled with books and cool stuff ๐Ÿ˜€

My Happy Moments

My Happy Moments #3

My Happy Moments

It was about time! I have been waiting for ages (alright then, about two weeks) to write this post for you guys.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor smiley face

There are a couple of things that have really made my life a bit more interesting and made me in particular very happy. So, be prepared for a lot of text here, mixed up with a couple of photographs, and a nice story of the existence of my own (though short lived) realm.

So, at this point I can proudly announce that me and my significant other have decided to buy….. *tension building here*…..*drums*…. A CAR! Yes, people from across the globe, we have bought a car. It’s cute, it’s fourteen years old, it’s dark green and my second most love inanimate object: a Ford Fiesta from 2002. Curious now huh? Well, here’s our little beauty!:

This, my dear humans, is Floki. I didn’t name him, the boyfriend did :’) He called him Floki because we both like vikings and it’s a Ford, so it starts with the letter F anyway!Floki

Lo and behold, the magnificent green death on wheels!

Another thing that happened to me last week, next to becoming a car owner and driving for the first time in 1.5 years, I was a mentor for the Orientation Week of my university.

If any of my kids read this: Guys, you were awesome. If none are reading this, you’re missing out you guys… cuz this post is awesome.
For those of you who have no idea what that all means: I was a mentor mum together with someone else, caring for a group of round and about 13/14 people when the group was complete. These people came from across the globe and it was amazing. We had an amazing week filled with activities, not the best kind of food, and a lot of sunshine (for which we were truly greatful). Most of my kids even bought a bike! I’m so proud of them… they grow up so fast *stares away into the distance… dramatically*. By the time it was friday, we were somewhat cold, a little hyperactive, and quite hungry for meat. So during the bbq we came up with the most amazing story! Read it here:

“It was on Monday that our royal court got together to form the thirteenth kingdom.

Together with his most beloved queen, the king reigned the thirteenth kingdom wisely and good (a great king indeed). Their court existed of a joker, a sailor, a cook, a noble lord, an evil sister, three loyal guards (some better than others to be honest), three awesome royal assassins, a corrupt treasurer (who claimed not to be that good at her job), one peasant who had to much ambition for his own good and a merchant.

The queens evil sister however wanted her dead, but the queen was unaware of that because (honestly) she was well loved (or so she thought). The royal pair decided to raise taxes and that was all the evil sister, the corrupt treasurer and the pesky peasant needed to try and get rid of the queen.
Sadly, the sailor and the merchant already left after two days at court, and they missed out on a lot of awesome courtly stuff. But, a knight joined the party (a loyal one who was most gracious).
Being careful not to fall out of grace before they succeeded, the treasurer, the sister, and the peasant came up with a plan to make more people dislike their most kind queen.
(Demoting one of her guards was not such a smart move, the queen admits that).
After the demoting, two more peasants joined the peasantry (one of the guards was loyal to the other and so that one had to go… obviously). Because of that, taxes were raised again! (hurray).
At that point, the most beloved queen discovered the plan for her undoing and before that plan could be executed, she fled the country. That resulted into the addition of another peasant (yeey). But, without a queen, the king was quite sad. And so, the traitorous peasant who was willing to kill his own queen, became the new queen of the thirteenth kingdom.

No one ever heard from the evil sister again, she probably became a state prisoner. Unlike her, the rest of the kingdom was now in peace, and everyone lived happily ever after.

The End.”

You have to be at least a little bit impressed, right? No, there was no alcohol involved in making this up! Shame on you if you were thinking that there was!

So, after a most magnificent week, I’m now ready to go to my first sword-fighting lesson tomorrow. I’m not sure how that is going to work out, but I have high hopes and I truly hope that it is going to be as amazing as I think it will. (I might be giving you a heads-up tomorrow or next week about this topic, it depends on the awesomeness).

Wednesday I’ll be going to England for a couple of days, so you will not really hear from me again before next week! Good luck for those of you who’ve already started school today, the rest of you; school is coming :O Be prepared, but most of all: Try to have fun and good luck! You’ll be fine ๐Ÿ™‚

What things made you happy in the last two weeks? Please leave a comment below ๐Ÿ˜€

My Happy Moments

My Happy Moments #1

My Happy Moments.png

We all have those rare moments where we think; Life is not that bad.
Usually those moments tend to occur when you least expect it, resulting in a moment where you celebrate your victory of having had a happy moment in life.
(Please tell me that I’m not the only one who feels somewhat, but not really, awkward when celebrating this triumph in public).

Happy moments can be found in the small things in life.
Today I had one of these moments and I thought: why not enlighten the dear people of earth with some more genuine happy moments in life?

Hereby I gladly welcome you to: My Happy Moments, where (obviously) I will share with you my happy moments in my sort of, but not really, exciting life that I live when I’m not reading or blogging about reading.
(Though I must admit that some of My Happy Moments are probably connected to bookish things :’)).

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