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The Disney Princess Book Tag

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Thanks a billion to Mandy @Book Princess Reviews for bringing this awesome tag to my attention (and not minding that I simply considered myself tagged :’)). This amazing tag was created by Soudha @ Of Stacks and Cups, and she has my eternal gratitude because I will always be a Disney fan no matter what. For the original post by Soudha click here.

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Book Blogger Insider Tag


Welcome to the Book Blogger Insider Tag (Cindy edition!)

I was tagged by Kenya @ Booked-Up & Bossy. If you don’t know her yet, do visit her blog by clicking the link. I know for a fact that she has really cute pets and a great taste in books (doing the Book Blogger Blind Date and all that :D) Thanks for the tag ^_^ I’m really looking forward to doing this one.

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3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge Day I


Goodday Everyone!

I remember that some long long (very long) time ago I was actually tagged for this, but then I forgot to do the tag… Yes, dishonour on me, dishonour on my cow, but now I’ve received the opportunity to do it again! And I’m not going to let it pass:

gandalf lord of the rings you shall not pass lotr

This time I was tagged by Fadwa from Word Wonders. If you don’t know her yet, do pay her a visit, she’s a great blogger with a lovely blog filled with all kinds of things ^_^ Thanks for tagging me 😀

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The Reader Confessions Tag

reader confessions tag

So, I saw this tag passing by this morning and I thought: I HAVE TO DO THIS… because I can really. But I had to go to work first, and that is why I am now posting my answers to the questions of this tag. Amanda, I’m so lucky that you tagged everyone who wanted to do this tag :’) Do you not know Amanda? NO?! Then click the link and your browser will open a new window to her post about The Reader Confessions Tag.

I swear that I’ll answer these questions honestly and truthfully *dramatic moment here*

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