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The Lad Lit Blog Tour: Author Interview with Steven Scaffardi


Welcome to day 2 of The Lad Lit Blog Tour!
Good day, goedendag, guten tag, bonjour, buen dia, god dag!

(look at me being multilingual and all *smug face*)

The Lad Lit Blog Tour is a 39-day blog tour to promote his Sex, Love and Dating Disaster series as well as lad lit as a genre. Follow the journey at #LadLitBlogTour.

Yesterday the tour started at Boon’s Book Case where Julie provided an insight in the Drought and the Flood. Today, I wish to welcome you to my humble blog for the second day of The Lad Lit Blog Tour and I am psyched to announce that Steven Scaffardi agreed on an author interview! Are you as excited as I am? (just say yes, it’s a safe answer).

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Steven Scaffardi: Sex, Love & Dating disasters Giveaway!

Hi there folks!

I’ve just finished the first and second book of the series Sex, Love & Dating disasters by Steven Scaffardi.

Now here is some amazing news for you because… *creating some tension here by postponing what I really want to say by writing unnecessary stuff*…

The author is hosting a giveaway competition! There is an opportunity to win The Drought and The Flood. How amazing is that?! 

You can enter the giveaway on Goodreads, Booklikes and Librarything.
For more information about this giveaway take a look at the author’s blog by clicking here and enter this giveaway…

You know you want to!

If you are interested but you haven’t read the review yet click here for my review of The Drought and here for my review of The Flood.

Steven Scaffardi: Sex,Love & Dating disasters

Steven Scaffardi: Sex, Love & Dating disasters; The Drought

Author: Steven Scaffardi29418791
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Chicklit
Pages: +- 329
Published by Lad Lit Press, September 2011

Dan Hilles is just a normal guy with a job, a small group of friends and a long-term girlfriend, but not for long. Things start to change for Dan when he breaks-up with his girlfriend Stacey and he finds himself single again for the first time in three years. Unfortunately for him things don’t change in his favour and he enters a period of drought.
With some near death experiences, more than a couple of awkward dates and some really embarrassing situations, things are getting real complicated. But Dan has a goal and he will not stop until he ends the drought.

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